Thursday, May 04, 2017

Kim Ghattas' tribute to the Jordanian Prince Zeid Raed Al-Hussein

Look what Ghattas (a fan of Walid Jumblat) wrote: "At the same time, he has blasted several of the most powerful regimes in the Arab world for their human rights abuses — and has been criticized in the region for airing its dirty laundry."  This is blatantly untrue.  He never ever blasted any "powerful Arab regime". His statements about Yemen were most mild and never assigned blame except to the Houthis. He never blasted major regime like she claims.  And he never ever criticized violations in Jordan.  Never happened.  The only regime that he "courageously" criticized was the Syrian regime: and that is hardly courageous in the West or in the East.  And what is most untrue is her claim that "he was criticized in the region".  No, he never ever was criticized in the region because he was ignored and no one pays any attention to what he says because everyone knows he was put in his post by the US and Israeli ambassadors at UN.  I never see any mention of him in Arab social media except when I mock him regularly.