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A man of principle that the West can trust

"Known as a centrist who had previously worked for both pro-Western and pro-Russian governments, he became a strong advocate of integration with Europe after Russia banned imports of his chocolate."

a $100 million, Western-funded exercise

"Usually, an Afghan election — a $100 million, Western-funded exercise".

From Liz Sly to Russell Crowe

Please tweet anything on Turkey. Ms Sly is in Turkey and is avidly waiting for any tweet from you about Turkey. Thanks.

Afghan presidential election

The US and its allies are spending $100 million on the Afghan presidential election which will guarantee the selection--not election--of a tool of US occupation.  How can you trust the election (paid for by the US) when all candidates have agreed to a security agreement rejected by none other than Hamid Karzai--whose very name among Muslims today connote subservience to Western occupations?

So how should the US respond to Afghan election?

"The initial U.S. response should be more focused on maintaining calm than on assessing how free the elections were; it should leave space for Afghan reactions to dominate. All of the political steps that are bound to follow Saturday’s voting must be Afghan-driven, but this does not contradict the need for a strong U.S. diplomatic role in maintaining the peace. Afghan voters and leaders still care deeply about whether their political system appears democratic to outside observers, and they care about electing a leader the international community will do business with. Many will seek to know whom the United States “really supports”; while the Obama administration should remain neutral, we should not expect our show of neutrality to be believed. It would also have an effect if U.S. officials were to speak strongly against a candidate, as many Afghans would not vote for someone whose election would mean the end of U.S. or international aid. Washington would be wise to prepare for a role as a quiet referee and potential mediator in the negotiations over fraud that is likely to emerge. "

Imperfect democracy in Afghanistan

"Democracy is, of course, important, and beyond a point its neglect would undermine stability, but the priority should not be on holding perfect elections."

Once again, war is good for peace

From the advocate of House of Saud in The Washington Post, David Ignatius:  "The rationale, bluntly stated, is that to reach an eventual diplomatic settlement in Syria, it is necessary now to escalate the conflict militarily."

To Mahmoud Abbas

From the family of the late Ilyas Shufani to the worst Palestinian, Mahmoud Abbas.

Arrests in Saudi Arabia

"Saudi authorities have arrested three citizens who posted YouTube videos urging the oil-rich kingdom to improve their living standards and criticising "corruption", activists said on Sunday.

In one video seen by AFP, a young man identifying himself as Abdulaziz Mohammed al-Dosari addressed King Abdullah saying he has to survive on a low income, and does not own a house or a car. "Give us our money... we do not want to beg... You and your children are playing with this money," he said about Saudi's oil wealth in the 30-second video during which he held up his identification card.

In a third video, a man calling himself Saud al-Harbi said many of his compatriots are in need of "housing" and a "decent life". "Please listen to us. We want housing, we want a decent life," he said, apparently addressing Saudi authorities. And he added: "Do not force people to take to the streets."" (thanks Basim)

The Land Day

Hosting nations

"Five NATO countries -- Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey -- are understood to host a net total of fewer than 200 B-61 gravity bombs, though the United States does not formally acknowledge nuclear-basing details." "Most of the current hosting nations are signed up or in talks to acquire the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which is intended to include a future version capable of carrying the B-61 nuclear bomb."

We are sophisticated Zionist Europeans,” she said, according to Mr Naftali. "We don't eat as much food as you Moroccans.

"In a suit filed to the Jerusalem district labour court, Mr Naftali, who worked for 20 months at the Balfour Street residence, described one incident when Mrs Netanyahu complained him about a Shabbat meal. "We are sophisticated Europeans,” she said, according to Mr Naftali. "We don't eat as much food as you Moroccans. You are stuffing us, so that when they photograph us abroad, we look fat." "

A Long Island yeshiva student admitted to using black marker to write anti-Semitic statements, often including expletives

"A Long Island yeshiva student was charged with repeatedly scrawling anti-Semitic graffiti inside a commuter train station." "He admitted to using black marker to write anti-Semitic statements, often including expletives, on eight occasions since December 2012, police told Newsday." (thanks Amir)

This is hilarious: a Contrast in New York Times coverage

The New York Times (atypically) lionizes and hails a leftist in Crimea who voted against the majority for voting against the majority on Crimea annexation.
And the New York Times mocks and blasts a US member of Congress for voting against the majority of Congress on Ukraine and Russia.  Hilarious, really.

The only natives that Western media feign concern for are the tools of Western colonizers

"SO, too, is that of the Harkis, Algerians who fought for the French. Perhaps 80,000 Harkis and family members fled to France in 1962, by Mr. Stora’s estimation, only to be held for years in internment camps. Many more were left behind; thousands, if not tens of thousands, were slaughtered as “traitors.”"  Let's put it this way: the number of French collaborators who were killed by the French resistance was also in the thousands "if not tens of thousands".  OK?

Arabic Booker Prize

Of course, I am against literary prizes and ranking especially if the prize is 1) funded and sponsored by an Arab prince or cheikh; 2) if the director of the prize is a Lebanese woman who admits that she is ignorant of the Arabic literary heritage; 3) if the committee members are selected purely for political reasons (the crude and vulgar sectarian Syrian cartoonist, `Ali Farzat, was a member); 4) if the prize is imported from the West. Such is the case of the Arabic Booker Prize. Here, a member of the judges admits that he only read a few pages of some of the books entered in the competition because after a few pages he was able to tell that they books were "silly". Kid you not.

US air force helicopter flying over the "farm" of King `Abdullah, Rawdat Al-Khuraym: call it the Kingdom of sovereignty

Sisi tried to show that he is a "man of the people" and Egyptian on social media found the price of his bike

scholarship in the Kingdom of Horrors in Saudi Arabia

An "academic" study of the "clothes" of King `Abdul-`Aziz.

This will make you cry: the Crown Prince of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is kissing the hand of his half-brother, Ahmad (who the Sudayris wanted as Crown Prince of the Crown Prince)

Not knowing his place

In the 1920s in the US, a black man was lynched because "he was acting like a white man" and did not "know his place". Kid you not. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Richard Haass on the Palestinian question for Arabs

"This issue has now become a local issue. It's of great importance to Israelis and Palestinians, but it's only of secondary importance to the Saudis and other Arab countries."   Contrary to what people think, Haass never ever studied the Middle East but his Zionism qualified him for a job in the Bush's White House (the first Bush).

Compare the title and text of this story in the New York Times

The headline:  "U.N. Official Denounces Syria on Aid Access"
In the text in the fine print:  "But on Friday, she also pointed to opposition transgressions. A rebel-led offensive near the border with Turkey, she said, caused thousands of people to flee, including members of the minority Armenian community."

So when does the US military engage in cyber wars?

"But, Hagel said, the military’s first purpose is “to prevent and de-escalate conflict.” "

US cyber wars

“We only engage in cyber operations when it is something that is important, either providing options to the president, defending the [department] networks or, most importantly, ensuring the security of the United States and critical infra­structure.”

obsctructing aid in Syria

Look at this item in the Washington Post: it does not even mention that the report also criticized rebel groups.

a long proxy war in Syria

"If the Americans go along with this plan, then they are saying, in effect, that they are prepared to conduct a long proxy war in Syria, contrary to all the hypocritical outpourings in Washington and Riyadh about ending the suffering of the Syrian people."

ISIS has begun to "recruit" brides from local schools and colleges

"The opportunities for marriage in the Syrian jihad - and before "martyrdom" - is a recurring theme of the blogs and other online forums favoured by ISIS’s foreign fighters in Syria, many of whom write in English. But the Raqqa woman and other activists from the town say that the imbalance of the sexes means ISIS has begun to "recruit" brides from local schools and colleges."

U.S. military given secret order to attack other countries' computers

"The nature, scope and duration of the military operation could not immediately be determined — even the title of the order is classified — but it evidently pertains to the conduct of military cyberspace activities."

Syria: Inside an Al Qaeda prison

"Former prisoner shows The Telegraph around the jihadi-run prison in northern Syria where he was held and tortured"

the Obama administration has plans to equip the small and poorly trained Yemeni military to run its own “targeted killing” program

"An American businessman familiar with the program, though not involved in the contracts, said that it "changes the optics, which is important. As much as you can put a Yemeni face on it, it feels better." He also said the program would give the U.S. some deniability in the killings. "If a Reaper" — a type of drone — "kills someone, you know if it's America that did it," he said. "If an Air Tractor, which looks like a World War II aircraft, kills someone, you might think, 'Well, that might be Yemen.'" " (thanks Amir)

GOP Lawmaker Charged With Sexual Assault

"He asked the detective if the woman was the same one who applied for a job in his office, said he had been friends with her and that she had made a pass at him in 2008. He acknowledged kissing her good night but denied groping her, telling the detective the woman "has very nice doctor-enhanced breasts. I am not a big fan of those. I like the real ones."

Asked if the woman ever told him to stop, he replied, "I am sure she said something about it not going any further. That is why I went home. I am sure that happened, but I don't remember it. I have been turned down a lot.""

New Jersey Governor apologizes for using the term "occupied territories" in referenc to the occupied territories

"New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie apologized to Sheldon Adelson in a meeting Saturday for stepping on a fault line in Middle East politics during a speech he gave earlier in the day, according to a source familiar with the conversation.  Invoking a 2012 trip he and his family took to Israel, Christie recalled in the speech: “I took a helicopter ride from the occupied territories across and just felt personally how extraordinary that was to understand, the military risk that Israel faces every day.”"

Crown Prince of the Crown Prince

Now that for the first time Saudi Arabia rulers have created the office of Crown Prince of the Crown Prince, isn't there a need for the office of the Crown Prince of the Crown Prince of the Crown Prince? And for stability and continuity of governance, why not create the office of the Crown Prince of the Crown Prince of the Crown Prince of the Crown Prince?

Saudi mufti expresses loyalty to the new Crown Prince of the Crown Prince

Does Prince Salman have Alzheimer?

Mujtahid, whose tweets have been interesting but not always accurate, insists that he has Alzheimer.  People who have met him during his Asia tour say that he does not have Alzheimer.  He sometimes appear alert and engaged but other times is not.  And then there is that famous last trip he took to Libya when he told the officials he met (in the presence of the press): "And send my greetings to the Col"--in reference to Qadhdhafi.  Official Saudi media were aware of the buzz that the sentence created and the intensification of the rumors about his Alzheimer when that sentence was uttered. Some in the official Saudi media claimed that Salman was being witty--and wit to House of Saud is what Zionism was to George Habash, and that he was making a commentary about the state of affairs in Libya.  There is no reference to Salman's Alzheimer in Wikileaks.

Smoking may not be bad for your health after all

"Vote-for-the-pimp" Campaign in Egypt

 Embedded image permalink

The campaign is spreading. The number of likes on FB has reached close to 150,000 already.  Signs of the slogan has appeared on the streets and buses of Egypt. The state and its subservient media have taken note.  Warnings are being issued and twitter accounts are being monitored. 

A statue for Mahmud Darwish in Moscow

A statue for Mahmoud Darwish was unveiled in Moscow at a school for the teaching of Arabic.  The US is more likely to erect a statue for Muhammad Dahlan than for Darwish.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Syrian rebels accomplishments

"Islamist fighters from an al Qaeda splinter group bombed a large Shi'ite Muslim shrine in the eastern Syrian city of Raqqa on Wednesday, activists said. The mosque of Ammar bin Yassir and Oweis al-Qarni was once a destination for Shi'ite Muslim pilgrims from Iran, Lebanon and Iraq before it was taken over a year ago by Sunni rebels battling to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad. One photo posted on Twitter on Wednesday under the heading "the pagan Iranian shrine" showed extensive damage to the exterior walls and roof of the site, a turquoise and white complex of domes and minarets centred around a tiled courtyard."
(thanks Basim)

A Lebanese station airs a report on the obscene hashtag on Gen. Sisi

deeper relationship

"While administration officials have previously ruled out that option, a senior official said it was being considered anew, in part because the US has developed deeper relationships with the rebels over the past year."

If you want to justify all of this by cynically arguing that it benefits the US to support repressive and brutal tyrannies, go ahead

"If you want to justify all of this by cynically arguing that it benefits the US to support repressive and brutal tyrannies, go ahead. At least that's an honest posture. But don't run around acting as though the US is some sort of stalwart opponent of political repression and human rights violations when the exact opposite is so plainly true. And if you're someone who has worked extensively to provide the world's worst regimes with all sorts of vital support, don't hold yourself out as the leader of the mob condemning others for expressing support for far more benign governments."

Muslims are not allowed to register

"Myanmar said Saturday that Muslims would not be allowed to register as "Rohingya" in its first census in three decades despite UN assurances, on the eve of a survey that has fanned sectarian tensions. The move came as Buddhists in an unrest-hit western state vowed to boycott the census over fears it could lead to official recognition for the Rohingya, viewed by the United Nations as among the world's most persecuted minorities."

Qalamun battle map

There is only one neighborhood in Boda where Muslims are safe from the bullets

"There is only one neighborhood in Boda where Muslims are safe from the bullets and machetes of Christian militia fighters. Many who ventured out were killed, their throats slit or their cars showered in gunfire. Even the dead must obey: Muslim bodies are buried behind an old warehouse because the traditional Muslim cemetery is now off limits."

Human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia were not raised in talks between U.S. President Barack Obama and King Abdullah

"Human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia were not raised in talks between U.S. President Barack Obama and King Abdullah on Friday, a U.S. official said." (thanks Amir)

The plot in Marrakesh

Bandar bin Sultan, Muhammad Dahlan, and Muhammad bin Zayid plot in Marrakesh.

Dahlan Plot

Comrade Joseph on Dahlan, in French and Spanish.

The underwear of King `Abdul-`Aziz

In the special museum of the founding king, there is a display of his underwear.  I think that King `Abdul-`Aziz underwear belongs in an institute for STD research. 

The lies of the media of Saudi princes

I don't care what the propagandists of Saudi princes in Washington, DC and New York City who work in Saudi claim in English.  The media of Saudi princes are worse than yellow journalism of Hirst.  They habitually lie and fabricate and don't even bother to correct the record. One propagandist of a Saudi prince or two, Husayn Shubakji, claimed in the mouthpiece of Prince Salman, Ash-Sharq Al-Awsat, that a Saudi woman "told him" that she was held by Hizbullah in a dungeon in the basement of Lebanese airport. Everyone in Lebanon instantly knew that this was a fabrication--typical of that paper. New TV got a pass to tour throughout the Lebanese airport yesterday, and Youmna Fawwaz went everywhere and opened all doors and mocked the report. What embarrassed the lousy rag of Prince Salman is that the Minister of Interior (a Hariri minister with loyalty to Muhammad Bin Nayif), wrote to the paper refuting the story.  I expect Anne Barnard or Liz Sly or both (they seem to write in tandem) to parrot the lie any day now.

The Arab summit

My weekly article in Al-Akhbar: "Who attended and who was absent, and why?"

Who rules Libya?

Libya is ruled by thuggish and Salafite militia (thuggish war criminal in Afghanistan and Syria are referred to in Western media as "secular" and moderate, thus the notorious war criminal of Afghanistan Abdul-Rashid Dustum and the hostage taker, Abu Ibrahim in Syria are referred to as secular and moderate).  Tipoli is not ruled by that lousy parliament that the media refers to but by three militia commanders who terrorize the city.  The head of state Libya after the embezzling prime minister (Western appointee, really) fled from the country, is now the speaker of the parliament (he represented Libya in the Arab summit).  Here is being interrogated by a militia about his receiving two women late at night in his home.

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Turkish plot in Syria

From Ali, the Angry Arab's chief correspondent in Turkey:  ""What you have missed if you read Syria leaks from main stream media:

Leaked records of the meeting on Syria, that Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, his deputy Feridun Sinirlioğlu, Deputy Chief of Staff of Turkish Armed Forces Yaşar Güler and Chief of Turkish National Intelligence Hakan Fidan showing the warmonger Turkish government dirty plans on Syria as well as the amount of the intervention. But as usual MSM outlets snip the critical parts of the records.

I) You probably have missed, the desire of Fidan's for a false-flag attack to start a war:
Fidan: I’ll send 4 men from Syria, if that’s what it takes. I’ll make up a cause of war by ordering a missile
attack on Turkey; we can also prepare an attack on Suleiman Shah Tomb if necessary.
II) You probably have missed Davutoğlu&Erdoğan's plans to use Suleiman Shah Tomb as an excuse to intervene more in Syria:
Davutoğlu: (Erdoğan) said that in current conjuncture, this attack (on the Tomb) must be seen as an opportunity for us

III) You probably have missed, members of Turkish armed forces are already in Syria to command the armed groups:
Güler: In my view, there’s no need for weapons, ammunition is needed rather. Yes, sir. Mr. Hakan (Chief of MIT) here knows, we said we can give them a general. At first Hakan Bey himself requested it. We agreed to send a general. We chose the general. The general went ahead.

IV) You probably have missed Turkey is the biggest supporter of the terrorism in Syria:
Fidan: We’ve sent there about 2 thousand trucks load of weapons.

V) You probably have missed, the amount of the hypocrisy of warmonger officials sheding crocodile tears for Syrian people:
Davutoğlu: The year 2012, we didn’t do it 2011. If only we’d took serious action back then,
even in the summer of 2012.
Sinirlioğlu: They were at their lowest back in 2012.
Davutoğlu: Internally, they were just like Libya. Who comes in and goes from power is not of
any importance to us. But some things…

VI) You probably have missed that Turkey is governed by a bunch of ignorants: Just check out first, second, third and forth screens, they even don't know what would they do in diplomatic arena if Turkish tanks enter Syria.

VII) You probably have missed, how high ranking officials are aware that they have no popular support, for the intervention:
Güler: I mean, do even one of the opposition parties support you in such a high point of national security? Sir, is this a justifiable sense of national security?
Feridun Sinirlioğlu: I don’t even remember such a period.
VIII) You probably have missed, Turkey was informed by US about a possible no-flight zone plan:
Sinirlioğlu: No, but the Americans have handed out the plans for the “no fly zone” at this meeting. For the first time in this meeting. Did you know about that?

IX) You have probably have missed, how top officials are seeing the bloody war as an opportunity to gain money:
Güler: Look, sir, isn’t MKE (Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation) at minister’s bidding? Sir, I mean, Qatar is looking for ammo to buy in cash. “Ready cash”. So, why don’t they just
get it done? It’s at Mr. Minister’s command.

X) You have probably have missed, how “Neo-Ottomans” are afraiding of Syria:
Güler: Well, I agree with you. For one thing, we’re not even discussing that. But there are different things that Syria can do right now.
Davutoğlu: General, the reason we’re saying no this operation is because we know about the capacity of those men.
SEE full translations:
Part I:

Israel is opposed to occupation, period

Israel sternly opposed the occupation of Crimea and said that occupation is wrong, just very wrong. Kid you not.

The immortal Sisi

I am in favor or voting for Sisi as president of Egypt on one condition: that he pledges that his son Jamal Sisi (or his other son, Husni Sisi) succeeds him after he flees from earth. 

Vote for the 'pimp" for president

Egyptian leftists have launched a social media and graffiti campaign in Egypt to mock the election of Sisi.  It basically translates as "Vote for the Bastard" for president.

PS The word `Ars can also be translated as MotherFer in vernacular American English.

PPS Egyptian comrades tell me that in Egyptian `Ars can mean pimp or opportunist as well.

PPPS More than 66,000 people "liked" the page on FB.

Seal of the US presidency

Despite the dire financial problems of Lebanon (caused largely by the corrupt plans of the ill-cited Rafiq Hariri), Lebanese president, Mishel Sulayman (who will deny that the generous Saudi cash payments to him were behind his sudden political shifts) found the money to sign a contract with the company of Lebanese Forces partisan, Eli Khuri (Quantum) to design a new seal for the Lebanese president.  Please notice the Phonetician boat.

The Feminine Mystique in Arabic

After all those years, the Arabic translation of the Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan has just appeared in Damascus (where else).  It made me think: do you think that feminist books will be allowed by the regime that NATO and Saudi Arabia are working to establish in Syria?   Also, the translation of the title is not accurate. Arabs (in translation) of conflate the meaning of mystique with the meaning of mystery, and the title of the Arabic edition is the translation for mystery, and not mystique.  For the Arabic translation of mystique, I propose سحر

Modestly speaking, I am the greatest

"With all modesty, I nominate myself for the presidency of Egypt." (thanks Basim)

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry repeatedly asked about and seemed to encourage a Turkish invasion of Syria

"Almost buried in a secret recording made of a meeting between Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu's office which included intelligence chief Hakan Fidan, army deputy chief of staff Yasar Guler, and Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioglu was the revelation that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry repeatedly asked about and seemed to encourage a Turkish invasion of Syria."

lies of Israeli terrorists

"An IDF soldier who claimed he was stabbed in the leg by three Arab assailants in Jerusalem told police Thursday that he had invented the story."

The UN cares deeply

"The UN has delivered a withering verdict on the US's human rights record, raising concerns on a series of issues including torture, drone strikes, the failure to close Guantánamo Bay and the NSA's bulk collection of personal data." "In its 11-page report, the committee also criticised the US for failing to prosecute senior members of its armed forces and private contractors involved in torture and targeted killings." (thanks Amir)

Gas cylinders bombs in Syria

Gas cylinder bombs have become a stable of the brutal techniques of the Syrian armed groups just as the barrel bombs used by the Syrian regime (and by the Lebanese Army against the Nahr Al-Barid camp when Western governments provided the explosives for the barrel bombs of the Army).  Yet, neither the Western media nor the lousy Western human rights organizations that serve as mere arms of US foreign policy have uttered a word about the gas cylinder bombs of the rebels groups. Yesterday, the gas cylinder bombs rained over Aleppo killing scores of people.  That won't produce on report or memo by Human Rights Watch which basically ensures that its reports are not offensive to Israeli foreign ministry (and its "pro-Israeli donors" as they were called by its director in internal memos leaked to me a few years ago).

when your alllies do it it is cute

""On Thursday morning, a recording was posted on YouTube in which the officials were heard discussing a plot to establish a justification for military strikes in Syria. One option that is said to have been discussed was orchestrating an attack on the Tomb of Suleyman Shah, the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, which is in northern Syria and is considered by the government here to be Turkish territory." "

Media of Saudi princes

This is from the sleazy website of the news station of King Fahd's brother-in-law, Al-Arabiyya which is notorious for its vulgar and crude propaganda on behalf of House of Saud by its correspondents around the world. Here is a catalogue of praise by Saudi "journalists" for the wisdom of the King in appointing a Crown Prince for the Crown Prince--that is the official title, I swear.

David Kirkpatrick on US-Saudi relations

1) "“Their view of Mr. Obama is that his entire understanding is wrong,” said Mustafa Alani, an analyst at the Geneva-based Gulf Research Center who is close to the Saudi monarchy. " The center is funded by the House of Saud and the expert is an advocate of Saudi royal family.
2) "But the Saudi royal family, which draws its legitimacy from an ultraconservative Salafi branch of Islam, has long feared the Muslim Brotherhood because of its rival blend of religion and politics and its effectiveness at political organizing. Saudi officials often quote Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, the former long-serving interior minister: “All our problems come from the Muslim Brotherhood,” he once declared, arguing that the group “has destroyed the Arab world.”"  This account is utterly false.   The Saudis long funded, armed, and sponsored the Muslim Brotherhood and used them against their rivals in the region.  The statement by Prince Nayif came only after Sep. 11 when the relations with the Brotherhood soured.  Nevertheless, the Saudi regime still supports and funds the Muslim Brotherhood in at least Lebanon and Syria.
3) "At a private gathering of Arab security chiefs at the Four Seasons Hotel in Marrakesh, Morocco, two weeks ago, the Saudi interior minister asked every Arab country to outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood".  This was not a private meeting. This was not a meeting of security chiefs. This was a public regular meeting of Arab Interior Ministers. I have better things to do than to count the daily avalanche of errors and fallacies in New York Times dispatches from the Middle East.

The Turkish plot leaked

Can you imagine the international Western uproar if such a scenario of a plot of a fake provocation implicated a foe of the US? Can you imagine the sanctimonious statements by US officials? This reminds of the admission by Moshe Dayan later in his life that indeed the terrorist Israeli army provoked the Syrians along the Golan heights to provoke war.

Qatari justice?

First, notice that the US always assumes that Americans on trial overseas (if they are not Muslim that is), they always are innocent.  And notice the verdict: if these were Asians, they would have been sentenced to a life in prison.   Oh, and let me make a prediction: the Qatari potentate will order the release of the couple in a matter of months.

When the UN chides the US on human rights

Notice the language used. When the UN Human Rights committee chides the US on human rights, it reads like a love letter.  You can tell that the text was vetted by an official at the US Department of State.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Executions around the world

This passes as sophisticated analysis of international affairs in the US

"One thing I learned covering the Middle East for many years is that there is “the morning after” and there is “the morning after the morning after.” Never confuse the two."

Stanley L Cohen's theatrics

If he wants to defend Al-Qa`idah's Sulayman Abu Ghayth, it is his business but why on earth is he wearing the Kufuyyah as he goes to court to defend a terrorist from Al-Qa`idah? What kind of message is he trying to send? This is either a grotesque silly theatrics to attract attention, or worse, much worse.  Either case, Cohen should stop his gimmicks.  

poll of Syrians

"A recent survey results show clear-cut differences between the views of civilians and those of rebel fighters with regard to the war and the political future of Syria. Simply put, civilians want a negotiated peace as quickly as possible, while rebel fighters are determined to fight on for military victory. Moreover, civilians want a postwar government with limited religious influence, while rebel fighters want a religion-dominated postwar government. The survey results also contradict some existing theories as to the nature and origins of the war. Three researchers, Vera Miranova, Loubna Mrie and Sam Whitt conducted surveys of civilians in rebel held areas and rebel fighters in Aleppo during August-September 2013 and Idlib during November-December 2013. See the Voices of Syria project.

Civilians and rebel fighters were asked to select the best from several options with respect to negotiating with and fighting against Assad. “Continue fighting until Assad defeated” was selected by an overwhelming majority of 89.29% of rebel fighters but by only 36.36% of civilians. Conversely, “Immediate cease-fire to begin negotiations” was selected by 45.45% of civilians and by a mere 3.57% of rebel fighters. If the “civilians” could be represented in peace negotiations, then perhaps a result different from Geneva II could occur. However, while the views of rebel fighters and the external opposition are heard by Western and Gulf governments, the views of Syrian civilians apparently are heard by no one outside Syria." (thanks Dirar)

Saudi-Israeli relations

"It seems the Saudis are interested in keeping up the false impression – particularly before the greater Sunni world – that it has never stopped ostracizing Israel. They do this in a feeble attempt to cover up the cooperation between the two countries." "Indeed, there seems to be an inverse correlation between clandestine and formal relations"

Zionism is racism

"Israel, which offers citizenship to anyone who can prove Jewish heritage, has never considered itself "open to immigration on a broader scale," said Daniel Solomon, legal advisor to Israel's Population and Immigration Authority."

Henry Kissinger

"This is the permanent theater of Henry Kissinger — Nobel Peace laureate, engineer of proxy wars, accused acquiescent to genocide — and it has been running for nearly four decades: Establishment institutions at once venerate his great intellect and importance while their scholars and students simultaneously accuse him of the most heinous crimes. The pattern is schizophrenic. You wonder why Yale bothers at all."

If a Muslim preacher said this

"Televangelist and former GOP presidential candidate Pat Robertson was in fine form on Wednesday, explaining to viewers of his long-running TV show, "The 700 Club," why Jesus would have never baked a cake for a same-sex wedding and how Satan is to blame for the gay rights movement." (thanks Amir)

legacy of US bombs

"“...the secret air war is still claiming lives more than four decades after it ended.
More than 100 Laotians fall victim to unexploded cluster bombs annually…” (thanks Michael)

In one town in Syria

 I received information that the victims of the predominantly `Alawite twon, of Rabi`ah west of Hamah is 608 people.  One twon.

Syria: Erdogan's False Flag Invasion Plans Reveled?

"Syria: Erdogan's False Flag Invasion Plans Reveled"? (thanks Talal)

The Mayotte island

From Houari:  "please note that algerian gov during Boumediene era and libya of Qadhafi expressed strongly it's support to Commore on Mayotte

ps2 : did you know that the saoudi channel Iqraa is trying to put Algeria in fire. They published a fatwa of a algerian salafi calling to murder the kharadji (aka Ibadite).
They are trying to do the same think the french intelligence army during algerian revolution. At this time the french army published a fake "al moudjahid" (the official newspaper of the FLN) where a call to kill the ibadites was published. This was avoid with "brio" by Abane Ramdane & the prince of the poets (like algerians is calling him) and the writer of the algerian national anthem Moufdhi Zakaria an ibadite himself.
I am really thinking the project to divided the arab world in little tribes is in progress....

ps3: it seems no official comment from algerian gov. Algeria seems to have the badest gov since independance... (and I am a Boumedienist)

PS Houari asked me to add this:  "If you publish my previous mail, could you add this
this is a ibadi imam (and islahiste himself)  member of the "association of the oulema muslims" an islahi movement lead by the sunni islahi Abdelhamid Ben Badis"


UN GA votes

Those are silly votes that have no teeth.  The UN GA counted back in the Cold War: it genuinely reflected world opinion.  IT voted the famous Zionism-is-racism.  As soon as the Cold War was over, the US forced the GA to re-vote the same resolution to nullify it.

James Schlesinger

You have to admit when your enemies are smart or brilliant. This is was a man with a brilliant man.  I used to enjoy watching him speak in conferences on C-Span.  He is a smart advocate of Empire.

top countries in executions

"Excluding China, the Amnesty report said, the other top state executioners in 2013 were Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the United States." Notice that Western media and human rights organizations exclude Israel from its classification presumably because Israel executes Palestinians without trials. 

A Nazi that the West likes: Bandera

Notice the extent to which Western media go to justify, rationalize, and dismiss the Nazi streaks and history in Ukraine.  "An adherent of fascist ideology, he formed what some scholars describe as a “tactical” relationship with Nazi Germany, with which Bandera shared common enemies." Do you ever recall Western media referring Hajj Amin Husayni's alliance with Hitler as "tactical", which it was?

Human Rights Watch continues to avoid watching murder of `Alawites in Lebanon

Yet, another murder of an innocent of `Alawite in Lebanon.

The Washington Post is outraged: there is a VIP culture in the India

"Politicians and bureaucrats have privileges that civil servants in other countries can only dream of: private lounges and ticket counters at railways and airports and seats in roped-off sections at cricket matches and concerts. Political figures travel in motorcades of dozens of vehicles. For those who get in scrapes with the law — a  surprisingly high number — there are even VIP jail cells."  As if there is no such VIP culture in the US. VIP culture is a symptom of capitalism (and also of fake application of socialism).

He wishes he was a shoe

A Saudi journalists writes: " I wish I was a shoe in the foot of his highness, my lord Muhammad bin Nayif [so that he can] smash with it if he gets angry, and steps on it if he walks".  Kid you not. 

Prince Muqrin as second crown prince of Saudi Arabia

The appointment of Prince Muqrin as deputy Crown Prince is significant. Like `Abdullah, he does not have brothers (only half brothers), not belonging to a faction (like the Sudayris) he has formed an alliance (along with Faysal's sons) with `Abdullah in the face of the Sudayris.  What is significant in the royal decree is that it stresses that this decree can't be changed or amended at all, as if the King expects major changes when Salman takes over (if he lives that long (a matter of weeks--in fact I have shovels on the ready for both, `Abdullah and Salman).  But Saudi newspapers are already writing about the new deputy Crown Prince: they say that he is so modest that he one was seen stopping at a red light. Is that not a behavior fitting a Saudi King?

The lynching of an Arab (Syrian from Zahleh) man in Florida in 1929

This is from May 18, 1929, the New York Times.  I learned of this case of lynching from Sarah Gualtieri, Between Arab and White: Race and Ethnicity in the Early Syrian American Diaspora, (University of California Press, 2009).  The author devoted a chapter to the case and reported that the man, who had immigrated from Zahleh, was flogged by KKK thugs prior to the lynching.

Correction: Syrian regime restricts

The lousy Syrian regime yesterday decided to ban live reports from Syria even by friendly TV news station, like Hizbullah TV, Al-Manar.  No explanation was given.

PS Syrian government later denied the rule and Al-Mayadin and Al-Manar were airing live from Syria today.

Cartoon by the talented Sudanese artist, Khalid Wad Albaih

The official statement of the Arab Summit: the Mayotte Island

I actually (purely as homework and without a hint of enjoyment) have been reading the full texts of Arab summits for years (since my early youth).  I read the Kuwait summit statement, the press accounts won't tell you that this was part of the statement (my translation):  "We reaffirm our full concern for the the national unity of the United Comoros Republic and its territorial integrity and national sovereignty, and we we reaffirm the Comoros identity of the Mayotte islands, and our rejection for the French occupation of it.  We call on the French government to return the Mayotte island to Comoros sovereignty, and urge donor countries and the Arab and international funding institutions to provide aid to development programs in Comoros."  Word for word, I swear.  I would cut off my toe if any Arab leader ever discussed the plight of the occupied Mayotte island with French leaders.

Lebanese TV "news" gimmicks

"Asad AbuKhalil, a Lebanese-American professor, criticized the actions of Sadek and Bazzi on his Facebook page, describing what happened as "mere morning entertainment", referring to the name of the morning show "N'harkome Saeed" (Good day to you). He said that the problem is that Lebanese media outlets rarely show solidarity with one another. He continues to maintain that the programme itself never criticises the ruling class or corruption, and that their message revolves around attacking Hezbollah and its military wing, which Sadek and Bazzi said they could only talk about with "self censorship." AbuKhalil continues to say: "what is easier in the Lebanese media: criticising Hezbollah's arms or discussing the corruption under the rule of late prime minister of Rafiq Hariri?" -  the latter being a topic rarely covered in Lebanese media.

While AbuKhalil offers a valid criticism of the programme and Lebanese media in general, he overlooks the highly significant step that Sadek took in protesting against the crackdown on the press. On the other hand, Sadek and her guest, while trying to be objective and balanced, did fall into a contradiction when they referred to Hezbollah's arms as a taboo subject in Lebanon when in fact it is an ever-present topic on her show as on most Lebanese shows."

PS The station in question is both: reactionary and sleazy. It was founded at the initiative of the ill-cited Bashir Gemayyel. What do you expect?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Visa hypocrisy and the US

Narrima sent me this:  With respect to the Israeli' poodles inside the beltway, wonder what they would say about their own govt :


  • Abbas Kiarostami was denied a visa to enter the United States attempting to attend the New York Film Festival.[1]
  • Iran's most acclaimed musicians, Hossein Alizadeh was denied a US visa and did not attend the concert with Shajarian’s team.[2]


  • More than 100 Iranian citizens traveling to Santa Clara for a reunion of graduates and professors from Sharif university were stopped at U.S. airports and told the visas they were carrying had been revoked.[3]
  • 15 Iranian journalists accompanying Iranian president to the United Nations General Assembly were not granted visa.[4]


  • The U.S. denied a visa to Iran's United Nations ambassador who was scheduled to participate in UN General Assembly meeting.[5]


  • Iranian Blind Powerlifting Team did not participate in the world championship in Miami due to visa denial.[6]


  • Parviz Davoudi, the vice president of Iran was denied a visa to attend United Nations’ economic meeting.[7]

What is good for the goose must be good for the gander."