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This is part of a series: another American revision of the defintion of anti-Semitism

"The complaint claims that Mahmud, AJAM's senior vice president of broadcast operations and technology, said that supporters of Israel "should die a fiery death in hell." He once tried to replace an Israeli cameraman with a lesser qualified Palestinian cameraman, the complaint alleges. "  Now there are two components to the charge of anti-Semitism here: 1) the first one deals with the wish by that person, Mahmud, that those who support Israel should die in hell.  But how and why is that anti-Semitic, when that wish could include people from different religions? It is as described non-referential to Jewish people? 2) why is favoring a Palestinian cameraman over an Israeli cameraman, qualifications aside, anti-Semitic?  Can someone help me out here?

I wonder: what does Walid Jumblat keep in this safe?

Tartus and Latakia

All hotels in Tartus and Latakia are fully booked for the summer, a source in Syria tells me.


Gala, according at least to Montgomery Watt, is from an Arabic word. Everyone in DC, especially Arab tools of Gulf regimes, is holding Galas. I want to hold an Angry Arab Gala but not invite anyone. Not even me.

PS There are other theories that the word is less ancient from Old French galer.

It is official: the US does not seem to mind of its arms fall in the hands of Bin Ladenite terrorists

“Are we concerned that Nusra has taken the lead” in much of the combat in northern Syria? asked the senior administration official. “Yes.”
“We know because of the realities of the battlefield, where the more moderate opposition feels compelled to coexist” with radical groups, that such things happen, the administration official said. “We’re not blind to the fact that it is to some extent inevitable” that U.S. weapons will end up in the hands of militants." (thanks Ahmad)

Look at this Lebanese: Americans love it when immigrant tell them such things

"My small town of Rayak was near Baalbeck, where tourists came to see the world’s best-preserved major Roman temple. I met quite a few American visitors. Over and over again, I was struck by their open, positive attitude toward life, their attitude that anything is possible, no holds barred, regardless of family background, religion or color. I sensed that Americans were not held back by the long-standing, ingrained systems and beliefs found in the Middle East, Europe and other cultures, where one’s life path can be limited by social status, wealth, politics and family connections."

Look at this most arrogant statement by the official spokesperson of the US Department of State

"“I would put our record here in the U.S. of openly, transparently addressing challenges when we have them here at home up against any other country’s on the planet,” she said."

Chinese Billionaires: the New York Times

The New York Times is appalled: 1) that China has many billionaires. 2) that those billionaires have power and influence.  Outrageous. That would never happen in the US.  If only this investigative team directed its energies here at home.

Psychology of American torture

"Newly released emails show a close relationship between the American Psychological Association and the psychologists who helped create the architecture of the CIA’s torture program."

A nice summary by Joe Biden of Obama Doctrine in the Middle East

"So let’s get something straight:  No President has done more for the security of Israel than President Barack Obama.  And that’s not going to change.  It’s not just the Iron Dome, or the record-shattering levels of U.S. assistance, or the President’s repeated insistence that Israel has the right to defend itself like any other nation.  It’s not just the F-35 jets that will make Israel the only country in the region with a fifth-generation fighter aircraft.All that is, to use the words of Bibi Netanyahu, “unprecedented.”

But I’m talking about something deeper:  We have Israel’s back.   And we will continue to look for new ways to help Israel defend itself, and to send the unmistakable message that if you challenge Israel’s security, you are challenging the United States of America.   Just as the President said in Jerusalem, those who adhere to the ideology of rejecting Israel’s right to exist, they might as well reject the Earth beneath their feet, the sky above them, because Israel is not going anywhere.  So long as there is a United States of America, they are not alone.   Period.  (Applause.) 

I think you all know me well enough to know I wouldn’t be in an administration that did not mean it.

We’re also working with Gulf States to expand their defensive capabilities, air and missile defenses, critical infrastructure protection, cyber defenses.  That’s the purpose of the meeting the President has called of Gulf leaders at Camp David.

And keep in mind, as I speak, there are 35,000 U.S. forces in the Gulf region to deter aggression and defend our partners.  Deal or no deal, those forces remain.  Our commitment to their external defense remains firm. "

Fareed Zakaria asserts that he is pro-Israel

"“Frankly, Haim, I don’t give a damn if you think taking that position is anti-Israeli. I think it is more pro-Israeli than you because I think you are selling the country down the river by continuing to say that whatever the Likudniks want is the right answer — no matter what — and kick the problem down the road, hoping one day we’ll sort it out. One day, you will have 10 million people who are living without a vote. No,” he continued as Saban requested the microphone. "

The US Congress invites the head of a terrorist organization to speak about fighting terrorism

This organization was also a tool of Saddam Husayn.  It became popular in the US Congress and AIPAC when it reportedly became a tool of the Mossad after 2003.

Socialist France doe the obvious: it promotes socialism in the Middle East region

"Over the last year Paris has sealed more than $15 billion dollars of military contracts in the region. The Riyadh summit will see further bilateral talks between France and individual states on business ties, officials said."

Britain is praising torturers

"Hammond has previously told the House of Commons that Bahrain, a long-standing ally and former protectorate of the UK, is “a country which is travelling in the right direction” and “making significant reform”." "Abbas al-Samea, a 25-year-old teacher, says he was taken from room to room in Bahrain’s notorious Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) where he was sexually assaulted, burnt with cigarettes and given electric shocks on his genitals. Sami Mushaima, also detained at the CID, says he was punched in the mouth until he lost his front teeth, beaten all over his body and anally raped with an unknown object. Along with their co-defendant Ali Abdulshaheed al-Singace, both men were later found guilty in a trial which was widely condemned as unfair by human rights organisations."

'Baltimore Is Here': Ethiopian Israelis protest police brutality in Jerusalem

Electronic Ali

Ali Abunimah (@AliAbunimah)

5/2/15, 1:33 PM
In Israel's Ynet, it's ok to compare Syrians to Jews suffering in Holocaust, but never, ever Palestinians,734…

Look how the director of HRW qualifies the US bombings of Syrian civilians

" Kenneth Roth (@KenRoth)

5/2/15, 12:57 PM
US reportedly kills 52 Syrian civilians in Birmahle. ISIS was 2 km away. What went wrong?
What went wrong? He is implying that this kind of US bombing of civilians never ever happens. 

Saudi regime propaganda in the Huffington Post: is this paid propaganda or free? Scandalous

"I think he himself would agree with the main reason for the reshuffle, which is to hand power to the new generation."
"Mohammed bin Nayef is the most outstanding figure of the new generation. He is immensely able, hard-working and quiet. He is more like a university professor than a big desert Bedouin like the current king, in the mold of the kingdom’s founder.  Some people describe him as authoritarian, but he is much more liberal than people might think.  Mohammed bin Nayef has something of a magical aura in Saudi Arabia".
"What about the new deputy crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman?

He is more controversial. Nobody doubts that he has an unusually strong work ethic for a Saudi prince".  This interview--ad really--should have concluded by: brought to you by the Saudi royal family.

Saudi regime is fighting terrorism

From Joseph: "Fahad Nazer (former official at the Saudi embassy in DC, now "terrorism analyst") had an interesting explanation for how he knows the Saudis are serious about taking on domestic support for Al Qaeda and ISIS.  He went to Riyadh a few years ago and noticed there was an anti Al Qaeda message at the bottom of his atm receipt.  You can't make this stuff up. "

Obama administration is considering a grand agenda of democracy promotion in the Middle East

"Officials at the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department have been meeting to discuss everything from joint training missions for American and Arab militaries to additional weapons sales to a loose defense pact that could signal that the United States would back those allies if they come under attack from Iran."

Can you imagine if this staffer was an Arab-American or a Muslim-American? Can you imagine the uproar?

"A week later Mr. Wildstein and Ms. Kelly joked in their text messages about punishing a rabbi who had also fallen into disfavor. “We cannot cause traffic problems in front of his house, can we?” Ms. Kelly wrote.

“Flights to Tel Aviv all mysteriously delayed,” Mr. Wildstein countered.

“Perfect,” she replied."

The new security pact between the US and GCC dictatorships

Look at this bogus qualification: "Such a pact would not apply if the governments came under attack from political opponents within their own countries."  So basically, what those potentates have to do--as they are doing already--is to claim that their political opponents are mere puppets of outside powers.

US continues to support democracy and moderation in the Middle East

"A series of Saudi airstrikes hit a hospital and medical camp in southwestern Yemen on Friday, killing at least 58 civilians and injuring at least 67, two local Yemeni government officials said. Most of the dead and injured were medics and patients, they said."

Terje Rød-Larsen: the Zionist-in-residence at the UN

This is one of the worst Zionists at the UN. He recently spoke at a closed session of the UN Security Council. A "diplomatic source" in Geneva gave me a full report of the session.  His speech was an exact replica of March 14 Hariri propaganda and he even did what they do on Hariri TV in Lebanon: he aired out-of-context segment of Nasrallah's speech on Yemen and commented on it. He didnot do the same with Sa`d Hariri speech on Yemen. Worse, he even defended Saudi Arabia from Nasrallah's attacks.  This is the real "international community".  He attacked Nasrallah's "inflammatory rhetoric" about Yemen without talking about the explicit sectarian rhetoric of March 14 in Lebanon. He spoke as if there is one side of the conflict in Lebanon.  He said that Nasrallah's "virulent speeches on the situation in Yemen prompted responses" as if March 14 types and Hariri didnot speak about Yemen before the speech of Nasrallah. It was propaganda of the lowest order.  Oh, he also (like the US) spoke about the need to disarm Hizbullah but not of the various Al-Qa`idah affiliates and offshoots in Lebanon.

US massacre in Syria: will the UN Security Council hold a meeting over this?

""Scores of Arab villagers died in airstrikes Thursday in northeast Syria, and local media activists charged Saturday that the U.S.-led coalition was responsible. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britian-based group that monitors violence in Syria, said 55 villagers died in what it condemned as a “massacre committed by the U.S.-led coalition under the pretext of targeting the Islamic State.” McClatchy obtained a list with the names of 10 families that reportedly had lost 64 members in the strike.""

Similar to Stasi, FBI maintains 15,000 informants

""A 2014 Human Rights Watch report found that the FBI now maintains a network of 15,000 confidential informants throughout the country, the greatest number at any time in its history. As FBI Director James Comey recently commented, the agency has “investigations of people in various states of radicalizing in all 50 states.” "" (thanks Amir)

Look at the language used when US bombs kill innocent Syrians (or innocent anybody)

This is headline of the Times: "Strikes on Syria Tied to Deaths of 52 Civilians". What does tied mean? Why not say: US bombs killed 52 civilians, a least? Does the paper say: Strikes by the Syrian regime "tied" to the deaths of civilians?

This is the only socialist and only atheist member of the US Congress

"Bernie Sanders calls for 'political revolution' against billionaire class". And he also justifies the Israeli killing of civilians in Gaza.

Syrian regime launches a campaign to energize tourism--I am not making this up. It is not satire

This is a regime which lives on another planet: it organizes a campaign and conference to energize tourism in Syria

Western analysts (always with ties to House of Saudi) are raving about the competence of the new princes

"Saudi Arabia is burning through foreign reserves at a record pace as the largesse of the new king and regional turmoil ratchet up pressure on public finances already hurt by the oil price slump. The kingdom spent $36 billion of the central bank’s net foreign assets -- about 5 percent of the total -- in February and March, the biggest two-month drop on record, data released this week show. The fall was in part due to King Salman’s order to give government employees and pensioners a two-month bonus after he ascended to the throne of the world’s biggest oil exporter in January."

Egyptian-Saudi frictions are no more under the table

From a Saudi publication, Mecca: The first hashtag says: Saudi Arabia officially complains about infractions of Sisi media, and the other hashtag is Egyptian media attacks Saudi Arabia.  the sign with Sisi reads: "my dog is hungry".

Saudi King `Abdul-`Aziz on his grandsons

King `Abdul-`Aziz once said: "Kingship is only corrupted by kingships and their grandsons, and servants and `Ulamah".  (Cited in Jalal Kishk, As-Sa`udiyyun wa-l-Hall Al-Islami, p. 36).

King `Abdul-`Aziz on Yemen

After signing the Ta'if Treaty between King `Abdul-`Aziz Al-Saud in 1934 and Ibn Al-Wazir on the Yemeni side after the war between the two sides, John Philby was heard weeping outside of the royal tent.  `Abdul-`Aziz asked him on the reason, and Philby said: Who can takeover Yemen and then abandons it?  `Abdul-`Aziz said: "First, my fathers and grandfathers didn't own Yemen, and no one has been able to achieve security and stability there, and who can rule Yemen with its Zaydis and its problems"?"

What does Ibn Khaldun say about the third generation of rulers?

I came across this passage in the Muqaddimah of Ibn Khaldun yesterday on the plane: "As for the third generation, they forget the age of nomadism and rough life as if it never was and they lose the sweetness of glory and asabiyyah due to what they find themselves in from repression and extravagance among them reach its extreme due to luxury and ostentation of living and they become a burden on the state..."

Saturday, May 02, 2015

New Saudi royal decree

King Salman just appointed his son, Muhammad, as the Cown Prince to the Cown Prince of Britain. 

This massive protest in Yemen against Saudi war isn't of interest to Western media

The new Aramco president

Regarding the new Aramco president, Amin Nasir: his father was a lefty (Shi‘ite in sectarian affiliation) while his mother is Syrian (Sunni in sectarian affiliation).  He changed his sectarian affiliation for career pursuits, I am told. He is married to a Palestinian (Sunni in sectarian affiliation). 

Torture and drones

"We now know that many of those running it are the same people who headed the CIA’s torture program, the spy agency can bomb people unilaterally without the president’s explicit approval and that the government is keeping the entire program classified explicitly to prevent a federal court from ruling it illegal. And worst of all, Congress is perfectly fine with it." "The longtime Counterrorism Center chief who just stepped down, Michael D’Andrea, was previously in charge of the notorious CIA prison known as the Salt Pit, where prisoners were regularly tortured and some died. His replacement, Chris Wood, was also “central to the interrogation program”, according to the Times." (Thanks Amir)

Aljazeera English

From a known Western correspondent who wishes to remain anonymous: "they just aired a segment on zahran alloush's military parade in eastern ghota. Zahran addressed the majus and rafidha. Al Jazeera English translated it as him addressing the Iranians". 

Saudi foreign reserves

US bombs kill 52 Syrian civilians: where are the tears of Liz Sly and Anne Barnard and other Western Zionists?

"Beirut (AFP) - US-led air strikes targeting the Islamic State group killed at least 52 civilians in a village in northern Syria, a monitoring group said on Saturday."

An Arab in he West

If an Arab is an unbeliever, the West judges him as a lousy godless atheist, and if he/she were a believer he/she is judged as a fanatical terrorist. 

Muhammad bin Salman

It is unprecedented.  Some people are confused including some Saudis. They think that Muhammad bin Salman was appointed as chairman of the board of Aramco. No.  Big no. He was appointed as head of a newly created Supreme Council for Aramco that is above the traditional Aramco board. So he now controls oil and defense. What is left? Dates?

New York Times correspondent in Paris on typical Muslim dress

"Without the head scarf, it would be hard to pinpoint her attire as typically Muslim". Tell me o correspondent: what is a typical Muslim attire, from Morocco to West China?

For the Je Suis Charlie crowd: are you this little girl?

French secularism: "PARIS — A secondary school in northeastern France has sent a 15-year-old student home twice in the last two weeks for wearing a long skirt that the principal judged was “an ostentatious sign” of the girl’s Muslim faith."