Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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International law

New York Times and others are claiming that Israel is within its right to ask the population in Gaza to relocate to facilitate its bombing campaigns. But under international law, Israel has no right whatsoever to cause the movement of any population under its rule.

Human Rights Watch and its tricks

It is now standard. HRW can't offer mild, qualified, lawyerly, and half-hearted criticisms of Israeli war crimes without coupling them immediately with categorical, unqualified, and unconditional criticisms of the population under occupation.

Names of Gaza martyrs were displayed on Rawshah rock in Beirut today

white flag?

Of all the stories of stiff resistance in Gaza, the Washington Post decided to insult the Palestinians by printing a picture of a child--a child--holding a white flag.  I know that the morale of Israeli terrorists is very low and that US media try to help them but come on.

the only ideology that counts against Israel

Let me tell you this: for Arabs, the nature of the ideology against Israel, does not count. Those who fight Israel and who fight it well will be wildly popular.

Hamas: no more a rag-tag army, I guess

"When their troops went in, Israeli military officers say, they were surprised by the tenacity, training and weaponry of their opponents. They said Israeli soldiers were repeatedly hit by Gaza militants firing from windows, employing land mines and setting booby traps.

“It was a very hard battle there,” a senior Israeli military official said. “I have to admit that we were facing good fighters from the other side.”"

When US media speak about "world public opinoin" they only mean US and its allied governments in Europe

"But in the global court of public opinion". Africa, Asia, and Latin America never count.

Israel on Hamas fighters

Somebody should tell Israeli propagandist to stick to one message because they say different things to different newspapers.  "Hamas militants, he added, were better fighters than the Israelis had anticipated. They were “highly trained” and “very well equipped” with sophisticated weapons systems. They accurately fired light and heavy weapons, including mortars, at the Israeli forces while “setting up a lot of booby traps,” he said."  Just two days ago, an Israeli military spokesperson told the times that the performance of Hamas fighters was "below" expectations of Israel but maybe that was before the asses of the Golani brigade were kicked.

I guess he was lying

“There's no kidnapped Israeli soldier and those rumors are untrue,” Ron Prosor, Israel’s U.N. ambassador, told reporters in New York. "

popularity of Hamas

Regarding the fashionable references in the US press to the sagging popularity of Hamas among the Palestinians.  1) all that changed.  The war on Gaza and the stiff resistance boosted Hamas standing more than anything. 2) the references to polls that show rise in the popularity of PA are all traced to one source: the Khalil Shiqaqi polling center which is widely known to always miraculously producing polling numbers that are favorable to PA. This is the same polling place that published those widely disreputable polls about refugees and the right of return, which later were exposed as quite misleading because the refugees were in fact tricked into giving the "right answers".  Look, polling centers in our region (just as here) are not quite reliable.  In Lebanon, there are polling centers that will show you that March 8 will win the elections next time for sure, while other polling centers will show you that March 14 will win hands down.

Lies of Israel in the Times

"Israeli officials speculate that Hamas militants have threatened people with retaliation if they leave". How could any paper print such obvious lies when more than 100,000 Palestinians left their homes in Gaza?

Anne Barnard in Gaza: the tunnels

I have praised the reporting of Anne Barnard in Gaza despite my long record of criticisms of her work in Lebanon and Syria. She has indeed covered the human suffering in Gaza and tried to convey the pain of the population. But this article is quite problematic in parts of it.  Look at this: "an operation the military says aims to locate and destroy tunnels used by Hamas militants to enter Israel and carry out attacks".  When and where did Hamas use the tunnels to enter Israel and carry out attacks? The tunnels are being used to defend Gaza from Israeli terrorists who INVADED" Gaza (not to mention their invasion of historic Palestine).  So clearly they are being used to defend Gaza from Israeli terrorist attacks.

America is complicit in Israel's War Crimes

"U.S. military aid makes up about a quarter of the Israeli military budget."

"disgustingly" pro-Israeli war crimes

"Rula Jebreal criticized MSNBC, its sibling NBC News, and other news outlets for vastly over-presenting the Israeli side of the Israel-Hamas conflict. "We are ridiculous," she said, meaning the media. "We are disgustingly biased when it comes to this issue." "one-tenth is given to the Palestinian voice and 99% to the Israeli's voice. That's why the public opinion is pro-Israeli, which is the opposite in the rest of the world." "

Israel's dilemma

"Now the problem for Israel, the US and their Arab allies, especially the Sisi dictatorship in Egypt, is this: they know that this "war" is not going to get better for Israel the longer it goes on."

FBI manufacture of terrorists

"Nearly all of the highest-profile domestic terrorism plots in the United States since 9/11 featured the "direct involvement" of government agents or informants, a new report says." "In some cases the FBI may have created terrorists out of law-abiding individuals by suggesting the idea of taking terrorist action or encouraging the target to act," the report alleges." (thanks Amir)

From Pakistan to Palestine

Pakistan Cricket  Pakistani cricketers Misbah-ul-Haq, Mohammad Irfan & Azhar Ali holding banners condemning Israeli atrocities in Gaza

Wall Street Journal rules: Palestinian diapers are legitimate miltary targets

WSJ justifies the bombing of Palestinian babies.

The Times' Executive Editor Explains

"“I have no idea what the foreign editor’s view of the Middle East is, and I don’t want to know.”"  You don't know? I will tell you: he/she is a Zionist as are all the correspondents in the region with the exception of the late Anthony Shadid who shuddered from the adjective.  I know that you know and care.  I know one well-known Western correspondent in the region who had a talk about a possible job with the Times and the Foreign Editor focused on his/her views on Israel. #who_are_you_fooling

Who are the bigots and haters? Arabs or Israelis?

The chant "Death to the Arabs" is now common place all over "Israel".  Yet, I have carefully monitored the demonstrations all over Arab countries in support of Gaza and there was not one case of anti-Jewish chants.  #set_the_record_straight

New York Times explains its coverage of Israeli-Arab issues

"“We’re looking for fairness, not balance,” "  Fairness means the life of one Jewish Israeli amounts to the lives of 5000 Palestinians, basically.


"“In the past when people said racist things, we found that many officials denounced that. This time we found silence,” said Hassan Jabareen, director of Adalah, a legal center for Arab rights in Israel. Calls to “kill all Arabs” used to come from extremist groups defined by Israeli law as terrorist, Mr. Jabareen said, but “today you hear it everywhere.”

“Many, many Arabs feel that it’s not safe today to walk freely in Jewish cities or in a mixed city because of this phenomenon,” he added."

vomiting lies

"Now, there are 40 people in the interactive unit of the Israel Defense Forces, including videographers, animators, graphic artists and computer programmers, pumping out missives in six languages, on many platforms, in a tone much punchier than the typical news release."

Israeli terrorists killed those children

NOW: The Israeli enemy is Targeting displaced Palestinians in An UNRWA school

(thanks Laure)

Arab-Israeli war on social media

"Both sides are organized and active, though the hashtag #GazaUnderAttack has been used in nearly four million Twitter posts, compared with 170,000 for #IsraelUnderFire, according to Topsy, a social-media search engine."  Palestinian activists on Twitter tell me that the number for the former side is even bigger because many Palestinian supporters tweet under the latter hashtag to to get their message across in English.

social media

Is one of the biggest enemies of the Zionism. 

What Western media NEVER EVER reports about Hamas missiles

US media give their readers and viewers the impression that Hamas declares its targeting of civilian population centers. That is farthest from the truth. In fact, Hamas often declares its military targets but that never gets reported. Compare to how Arab media report for example: this is the Twitter account of New TV of Lebanon:
 It says: "Qassam battalions declare the rocketing of an eavesdropping base 8200 with 3 Grad missiles".
7/22/14, 7:49 AM
‏كتائب القسام تعلن قصف قاعدة التنصت 8200 ب3 صواريخ غراد

Western standards of Palestinian resistance

My latest blog post for Al-Akhbar English: "Western standards of Palestinian resistance".

$47 million

The US gave with one hand $47 million to Gaza (with strings and ropes attached of course) while giving billions in US dollars to Israel to fund its war crimes.  Does the US really think that this miserly amount will make Palestinians and Arabs forget the US role in sponsoring the Israeli festival of blood?

Ibrahim Kilani and his entire family were killed by Israeli bombs


80 per cent of Palestinians killed by Israeli strikes are civilians, UN report says

unveiled on Al-Manar TV

النشرة الموحدة
For the first time ever, an unveiled anchor appears on Al-Manar TV.  Yesterday, all Lebanese TV stations united in airing the same news broadcast about Gaza in solidarity with Palestine (I will spare you my opinion of the fake initiative here as I tweeted about it all day yesterday in Arabic).  So anchors from one station appeared on the other stations, and vice versa. This woman is from MTV and she was from the studio of Al-Manar TV.   Her journalistic skills, however, are not above the levels of Barbara Walters.


What is happening to Christians in Mosul is historic.  All this hate and sectarian cleansing has one ideological source: Saudi Wahhabism.

collateral damage--Israeli style

In the case of Israel, collateral damage is when combatants are hit, not civilians.  Israel should apologize for the times when its bombs and rockets hit combatants as 80% of the victims of its war crimes are civilians.

Zionist effects

Among the many terrible consequences of Zionism is that it caused a historic irreparable damage to Muslim-Jewish relations.  That will never be recovered and will only get worse.

How the West Bank was subjugated

This is an important article explaining how the West Bank was subjugated by Israel and the collaborationist clique of Oslo.