Sunday, July 05, 2015

Israel's "mow the lawn"

"Israel’s effort to “mow the lawn,” or as others have termed it, “occupation management,” resulted in the death of more than 2,000 Palestinians (alongside another 10,000 injured), most of them civilians, more than 500 of whom were children. And don’t get me started on widespread and corroborated claims the IDF used Palestinian civilians as “human shields”. Ok, do get me started. The Israeli High Court found the IDF used Palestinians as human shields 1,200 times in the years 2000 to 2005 alone." "When the children of settlers are old enough to join the military, they enter with pent up anti-Arab resentment. “Death to Arabs” becomes the mantra. “Death to Arabs” is chalked on military shells meant for Gaza."

"An attempt by the U.S. to rebrand al-Qaeda as kinder, gentler jihadis"

"But the Syrian army has been losing ground since March this year and an expanding area is being seized by a coalition led by Jabhat al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda affiliate, in the north, which is reportedly supported by Sunni states such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies. There is an attempt to rebrand al-Nusra as kinder, gentler jihadis, but those who believe this propaganda should reflect on al-Nusra’s unstinting praise for the perpetrators of 9/11. Assad may be about to lose the city of Daraa in the south to the Southern Front, an alliance of groups which present themselves as more moderate than Isis or al-Qaeda, and is financed and supported by the Military Operations Centre (MOC) in Amman that is staffed by agents from the US, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other anti-Assad countries." (thanks Amir)

Is this for real? An American politician dares to accuse China of hacking?

"Hillary Clinton Accuses China Of Hacking". I know that she is bereft of ideas to run on but come on.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Mujid Kazimi, leading educator and researcher in nuclear technology, dies at 67

He was a Palestinian and was active in the AAUG since its founding after the 1967.  He always traveled cautiously and in secrecy because he knew that the Zionist entity targets Arab nuclear scientists like himself. I hope that his family does not rule out foul play from the investigation of the causes of death.

The TV presenter and the guest were banned by the Saudi king

This was not covered in the Western media, naturally: a Saudi TV presenter and his guest are banned by the Saudi regime for praising the current king and implying criticisms of the last king.

Remembering The Passengers of Iran Air Flight 655

"In an act that the US would call terrorism if committed by any other country, the USS Vicennes blew an Iranian commercial airliner out of the sky on July 3, 1988. We have never even apologized or accepted legal liability."

"The US still has more than two thousand juvenile offenders serving life-without-parole sentences — a punishment no other country in the world imposes on minors."

"The US still has more than two thousand juvenile offenders serving life-without-parole sentences — a punishment no other country in the world imposes on minors."

Britain's complicity in Saddam's WMD program

"In the aftermath of the Iran-Iraq war, it emerged that Britain had been among several western countries which were used by Iraq, often with the knowledge of intelligence services in those countries, to source both equipment and raw materials for chemical weapon manufacturing." (thanks Amir)

European and US media in Arabic

It is noticeable that US and European Arabic media are almost an exact replica of Saudi media. It is partly due to the fact that the Arabic staff of such media don't dare to burn bridges with oil and gas media, and partly because US and Western media in general embrace all Saudi policies and wars.

Jordanian repression

Jordanian repression never gets covered in the Western media. The King, not liking the Muslim Brotherhood organization (which is by far the largest political movement in Jordan) basically, started his own version of the Muslim Brotherhood and stole the assets of the old organization and gave it to the new. All that while repression in Jordan continues unabated without a whimper from Western governments and media.

Saudis jail Pakistani who allegedly criticized Yemen airstrikes

"ِA controversial Pakistani commentator has been jailed in Saudi Arabia and reportedly sentenced to receive 1,000 lashes for allegedly criticizing the Saudi government while on a religious pilgrimage.."

The war targeted Gaza but Western media sympathies lie with the occupiers

"A year after Gaza war, southern Israel slowly recovers". (thanks Basim)

In my lifetime

In my lifetime, I went from living in a land in which burning the American flag was a political ritual, to a land were worshiping and revering the American flag is a political ritual.

Literature of Falsehood

My weekly article in Al-Akhbar: "(Political) Literature of Falsehood: On Nasserism and on Communism".

Friday, July 03, 2015

Censorship in mainstream media

"Here's a hard example. In the U.K. they have something called the Defence Advisory Board [The Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee]. It has monthly meetings with the editors of the newspapers, and they have agreements about what should and shouldn't be published."

Yemeni man lost 27 family members in Saudi-led air strike

"The rights group interviewed al-Ibbi, who lost 27 members of family, including 17 children, when the Saudi-led coalition bombed his home in the Houthi stronghold city of Saada in north Yemen." "More than 21.1 million people - over 80 percent of Yemen's population - are in need of aid, with 13 million facing food shortages."

Please, Western powers: stop your peacekeeping missions already

"" “Two French soldiers on mission in Burkina Faso were suspected … of engaging in acts of a sexual nature with two children,” France’s defence ministry said in a statement." "There are about 900 French soldiers in CAR, where the initial quota of 2,000 was gradually reduced to make way for a UN peacekeeping mission. UN troops have also been accused of abusing children in CAR."" (thanks Amir)

New York Times on Greece

Is this biased language?
"Today, critics argue that Mr. Tsipras is distorting democracy, not strengthening it, by holding a rapid-fire vote in which people lack the time to understand what they are voting for."

New York Times on Greek economic advisers

"For Mr. Tsipras and his two main advisers — Nikos Pappas, a hot-tempered Scottish-trained academic with a decades-long friendship with Mr. Tsipras, and Yanis Varoufakis, a polarizing economics professor who had spent more than a year schooling Mr. Tsipras in the intricacies of eurozone politics — the rebuke seemed to confirm their most pessimistic views."  I would say this is objective language, wouldn't you?

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Saudi officials linked to jihadist group

"Saudi Arabia, a key U.S. ally in the Middle East, had high-level contacts with America’s most deadly adversary in Afghanistan, the Haqqani network, according to purported Saudi diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks." "Successive U.S. administrations have been careful not to accuse Gulf governments of complicity in sponsoring terrorism, however."

U.S. commitment to nuclear nonproliferation

"The lawsuits aim to enforce the NPT, arguing that the nuclear states are violating the Article VI of the Treaty, which calls for negotiations toward timely nuclear disarmament." "During the NPT Review Conference just concluded, the United States tried to divert the focus of the participants from efforts by the nuclear weapons countries to indefinitely preserve and improve their nuclear weapons stockpiles. Instead of reaffirming a commitment under the treaty's Article VI to seek disarmament, the United States declared that it will not "pursue new nuclear warheads, and [nuclear warhead] life-extension programs will not provide new military capabilities." At the same time, the US government is planning to spend more than $1 trillion on weapons-production infrastructure, ballistic missiles, submarines, and bombers over the next 30 years."

Africa's 'green revolution' a mask for a profit-led corporate bonanza

" "The unfortunate reality is that many aid agencies, whether it's USAID or DfiD, have become the handmaidens for the corporate sector," said Anuradha Mittal, executive director of the Oakland Institute, a thinktank in the US. "They have become the handmaidens for privatising and the commodification of resources in the developing world. They come in cloaked in the language of development and poverty eradication but if you look at the impact of the projects that they are investing in, they are eradicating the poor themselves." "

Saudis pumping millions to promote Wahhabism in India

"The documents also reveal that the Secretariat General of the Muslim World League in Mecca, a controversial organisation with alleged links to terror funding, had requested Saudi Arabia to establish the organisation’s Salafi or Wahhabi centres in India."

This is how Haaretz describes the UC, Berkeley campus--not a German university in the 1930s and 40s

"but on a campus seething with anti-Semitism".  This is insane.

U.S. police killings in 2015

"This video shows the figures up to 29 June 2015, when 545 had been killed."

Canada has made Saudi Arabia a priority weapon market despite its human rights record

"The Canadian government carefully courted Saudi Arabia in the years leading up to an unprecedented $15-billion arms sale to Riyadh brokered by Ottawa that remains shrouded in secrecy, documents show." "The transaction, backed by Canadian taxpayers, has come under fire because Saudi Arabia has one of the worst human rights records in the world today." (thanks Amir)

"Which Lebanese and Arab Media Covered #SaudiCables and Which Ones Didn't? "

"The silence of major newspapers and media outlets towards more than half a million leaked documents from Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs is deafening."

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The generalizations of the correspondent of the New York Times in Iran: Thomas Erdbrink

Look at the size of the crowd in the picture and then read this sentence by this arrogant correspondent who is not reluctant to speak on behalf of hundreds of thousands of Iranians: "Afterward, most in the audience were confused, friend and foe."  How on earth did you know that "most in the audience" were confused? How did you measure that?

The United States is resuming security aid to Bahrain’s military forces: due to “meaningful progress” on human rights

"The United States is resuming security aid to Bahrain’s military forces, saying there had been “meaningful progress” on human rights four years after the kingdom’s deadly crackdown on anti-government protesters." "At least 89 people have been killed in confrontations with Bahrain security forces since 2011, and hundreds have been arrested and put on trial, rights groups say." “Bahrain’s logistical and operational support enables the US to lead a 30-nation military coalition that counters piracy and terrorism, maintains the free flow of commerce and energy resources through the strait of Hormuz and demonstrates international resolve to Iran”, state department officials said."

""Left-wing" Israeli lobby groups"

"B’Tselem and the US Israel lobby group J Street are offered as prime examples of such “left-wing” assets in Israel’s fight against BDS." (thanks Amir)

Typical Western media account about Arab Jews: TV serial The Jewish Quarter

"The military’s real-life role in expelling Egypt’s Jews under President Gamal Abdel Nasser is omitted completely." Kirkpatrick does not mention the Lavon Affair and the role Israeli crimes and dirty covert operation and the callous recruitment of Egyptian Jews for Israeli terrorist operations inside Egypt. None of that.  2) it is not the most-talked about TV serial of Ramadan. Not at all. 3) the characterization by Kirkpatrick is typical of the Zionist rhetoric about Jews in Arab countries: if they stay inside the country, Zionists in the West yell: they are being held as prisoners. They are hostages. They should be allowed to leave and get exist visas. And when they leave, the same Zionists of the West yell: look. They kicked them out. They kicked them out and for that, the Palestinian refugees should never be allowed back into Palestine just because.

PS Don't you like the new trend among Western correspondents like Mr. Kirkpatrick? In the past, they regaled us with tales of a cab driver. Now they regale us with a comment by an anonymous Arab on a page on Facebook as representative of Arab public opinion.

Dia Hadid of the New York Times

So this token Arab correspondent at the Times is allowed to cover Palestinian suffering but only when the suffering can be blamed on Palestinians themselves. That is her gig.

This is how Turkey screens those who wish to enter into Syria

Iraqi Communist Party statement from 1946, signed by comrade Fahd

Compare this to the lousy Iraqi Communist Party of Paul Bremer.

Moderate Islam of SISI (and US)

Al-Zahar chief cleric refuses to declare the infidelity of ISIS.

Saudi regime pressures Thailand to accuse "Iran or Hizbullah" of assassinations

Monday, June 29, 2015

China's annual report on US Human Rights record for 2014

"Full text: The Human Rights Record of the United States in 2014"

Grimaces of Muhammad bin Salman

Haqqani had a Saudi passport

"The cables, published by WikiLeaks, have provided a rare insight into the contacts between Saudi officials and the Haqqani network in the recent past, even though the two are said to have had a long-standing relationship, going back to the days of CIA-funded jihad in Afghanistan." "Jalaluddin has been on the UN Sanctions list since January 31, 2001. The provisions of the UNSC resolutions 1267 (1999), and 1333 (2000) apply to him, which, among other things, bar the international travel of listed individuals and prevent any assistance to them. The Saudi cables show that Jalaluddin carried a Saudi passport since the days of the Afghan jihad."

Primary task of Saudi embassy

"More significantly, the leaked documents provide evidence that the Saudi embassy is deeply involved in the religious life and politics of Australia’s Islamic communities, with the particular goal of spreading and strengthening their puritanical Wahhabist branch of Sunni Islam. Indeed, Saudi foreign ministry instructions leave little doubt that engagement in Islamic religious affairs and the wider politics of Australia’s Islamic communities are primary tasks for the embassy."

"UN Human Rights Council operates just like FIFA"

"But the leaked Saudi diplomatic papers suggest human rights issues receive scant attention in the bilateral relationship, at least as far as the Saudis are concerned. One exception was Saudi Arabia’s offer of support for the election of Australian legal academic Professor James Crawford to be a judge of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, in exchange for Australian support for the kingdom to be elected to serve on the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva." (thanks Amir)

When Israel kills, destroys, demolishes, occupies, and massacres it does so peacefully--according to Western terminology

"Israeli navy peacefully intercepts Gaza-bound vessel".  Did it also peacefully kill the passengers back in 2010?  (thanks Basim)