Monday, September 22, 2003

It seems that Nicolas Sarkozy (Minister of Interior of France) is emulating Ashcroft: here he warns, any preacher (provided he is a Muslim) who articulates an "extremist" message, will be kicked out and mosques will be closed
Egyptian tortured to death because his brother distributed anti-US, anti-Israel leaflets Bush praises his torture as a contribution to the "war on terrorism"
George Soros Launches Iraq Revenue Watch (thanks Nico)
Animal rights advocates vs. Halal Industry: (go vegetarian, I say):
The Arab-Israeli War Game: by David Hirst
Back in Afghanistan
Interview with Chomsky
Howard Dean: "I have always supported providing assistance and loan guarantees to Israel to provide for its security and defense." No word from Dean about support for the security and defense of Africa:
An occupied country
"BHP Petroleum Exec To Iraq in Secret '99 Meeting: (thanks to Nico):
"British Journalist Died from US Gunship Wound while riding in Ambulance:" (thanks to Nico):
What are the searchers for WMDs looking for? Tomatoes
US battles terrorism with the lessons of the Spanish Inquisition, says Walter Cronkite
Drunk US soldiers kills a Baghdad Tiger: Some in US media and public furious: killing Iraqis is understandable, but animals??? Have you no mercy?
Questions for the vice-liar
Did Ahmad Shalabi manipulate US foreign policy? this guys says, I do not agree:
Former army chief of staff attacks Iraq war
The mistreatment of migrant workers in Gulf
For those who are interested in WMDs in ME:these are historical documents about Israeli nuclear weapons
a communist leader in Lebanon did not like my criticisms of his leader
What is Israeli govt do to Palestinians
Mansions for the rich in Afghanistan, while the poor lose homes
Make no mistake about it: Dalai Lama, who is anti-gay, and who allows monks to "use" prostitutes, is a violent man
A US soldier speaks about "death in Iraq for no reason":
This New York Times columnist is getting death threats
Bush, declaring Arafat a "failure" is unaware of his failure in Afghanistan, among other places
"Brave" Sen. Kennedy is speaking now, after the war has been launched: he says that the case for war was a fraud
What Arabs and Muslims go through at airports: (thanks to Radwan):
CIA asks black college students to send more recruits (thanks to Nico):
That pro-war Washington Post
Saudi Arabia will become an issue in the presidential election, hurting Bush
Hans Blix is at it again: NOW, ONLY NOW: he says that Iraq war was not needed: tell him to shut up NOW
Steel tariffs will hurt Bush, it seems
The death of independent voices in the media by Sen. Byrd: (a former KKK) is now more outspoken than congressional liberals: go figure
US troops kill an Iraqi boy: he is accused of resembling a Saddam's grandson
Oprah accused of pro-war bias by Sweden's broadcasting watchdog
What an $87 billion could do for you and me
Be fair, Bush has been wonderful for the rich elite
The Patriot Act
This is a bizzare stort: the Muslim cleric of the US army appointed to counsel the Guantanamo prisoners has apparently been recruited by the..prisoners to work for AlQa'idah:
Why is Saddam's Defense Minister (a war criminal) being called a "man of honor and dignity" by US military: And why is he being given special treatment
Ayatollah Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah wants to impose the death penalty, including for the "crime" of homosexuality: (thanks Mark)
It took 600 years for Joan of Arc to become a saint, and a mere 3 years for "Mother" Teresa to become saint: Why? Sainthood Industry
The strength of Saddam's loyalists: in turn strengthened by US war and occupation
The mess that Bush left in Afghanistan: liberation, US style
The global hierarchy of race
Howard Dean is trying to mend fences with Israel's supporters (thanks to Naseer):
White House Under criticisms from American military
LA Times is scared of white converts to Islam
Net worth of richest Americans increases: net worth of America's poorest decreases: Bush and Clinton pleased
Comparing Vietnam and Iraq
The new war in Iraq
The nuclear arms race
The war elite
Iraqis celebrate attacks on US troops: but did Bernard Lewis and Fouad Ajami not promise that Iraqis would rejoice at US troops: or maybe they misspoke

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Now Saudi Arabia is trying to acquire a nuclear weapon: if only one newspaper notices the Israeli arsenal of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons
Arabs are NOT the only consumers of conspiracy theories
I wish the coward would shut up: Hans Blix NOW, after a destructive war, says taht Iraq had dumped its WMDs a decade ago
West's role in the terror
Powell's propaganda trip to Iraq
The ideology of Taliban remains strong
US troops now face revenge attacks
Unilateralism disgrace
The story of Bin Laden's deputy, the Ayman Al-Zawahiri
Libya and Syria are named as "rogue states": US decides the destiny of the world
The scourge of neo-con militarism
Fruits of liberation: youth's suicide is up in Iraq
Iraq scientists asserts that Iraq had no nuclear weapons program: ("Bomb him," ordered Bush)
US presidents often curtailed civil liberties in a time of war

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

The Reuben Baker Scholarship at Harvard College is for a "resident of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, or there being no such resident, a resident of the Western part of Pennsylvania." The Borden Scholarship is for people "bearing the surname of Borden or Anderson." The Arthur Anderson Brooks Scholarship is for "deserving Protestant Christian young men..preferably of New England stock." The Helen E. Millington Memorial Scholarship is for "students whose fathers are deceased and whose mothers have not remarried." The Henry Harrison Spratague Scholarship is for those "in whole or in large part of New England colonial descent." The Augustus Woodlbury Scholarship is for those who "prepared for college at Philips Exeter Academy."

Read this in Michael Kinsley's Big Babies.
Is the US in decline?
A secret US survey of Iraqis call Iraqi bitterness toward occupation is bigger threat than terrorism.
Refugees die after being thrown in sea
Bush's economic mess should worry us all: says Joseph Stiglitz
The only woman in the Iraqi US puppets council says US soldiers mistreat civilians
Contradicting Cheney and 70 % of the American public: Rumsfeld says that he has not seen any evidence of link between Saddam and Sep. 11
US now admits it is holding some 10000 Iraqis (double the previously announced number):
Bush's fiscal immorality
Where does Gen. Clark stand? (thanks Erin)
How the US fights its world on terrorism?
Big lies of Dick Cheney
Paradoxes of the war on terrorism
The Bush administration spends $1 billion a year on propaganda: it wants Arabs and Muslims to love America
Dont you love the American left when commenting on Israel? Howard Dean was criticized for calling Hamas activists "soldiers." When criticized for not calling the "terrorists," as Palestinians should always be called in Democratic circles, he defended himself by saying: "No, I called them soldiers, to justify Israeli killing of all of them."
You have to read this: in the same statement in Iraq, Powell rejects French request to surrender control of Iraq to Iraqis, while insisting that "we are not occupiers...We came as liberators." Once we set up puppets and stooges in key positions all over Iraq, then we become ready to liberate, he added.
The hidden class injustices at US top school: poverty and wealth at Yale University
Widening criticisms of Rumsfeld
Iraq weapons search report delayed: debate is raging in administration whether to plant WMDs with Saddam's picture on them or not
Former US diplomat speaks his mind
Internment camps in.....the self-described "beacon of freedom"
Time to dispel this myth: US jails are NOT like Holiday Inns
One lousy CNN correspondent, who is queen of self-censorship herself, now admits that CNN practiced self-censorship during war. Really? We barely noticed.
The bloated military budget
The false premises of this war
Israel threatens to kill Arafat and Hamas leaders: Bush promptly responds, and asks...Palestinian to stop it right now
New data on the widening income gap in US
America's hidden battlefield toll
Wolfowitz admits: yes, I lied but it is no big deal: we lie all the time, day and night: nobody notices inside the US
US "mistakenly" kills 8 Iraqi police; and "mistakenly" invades and destroys foreign countries
What Patriot Act Means
Pentagon initiated prohibited chemical weapons' research
A better use of the $87 billion
Groveling for $50 Per Month
Soft voices of criticisms: Rumsfeld's plans to hold suspects without trial: Saddam did that too, he pleaded
Israel: Jerusalem Post calls for the killing of a lot of Palestinians ,and of Arafat: 60% of Israelis (peace loving, I am sure) agree. Bush, however, is opposed to the killing of Arafat, but supports the killing of all other.
$87 Billion apologies (thanks to Katya): (I do not agree with Kinsely but like his style and wit)
Isolation of US and UK: Iraqis angry
She was so full of life, spirits, and energy: mourning the great Anna Lindh
Fruits of American liberation: Drug craze in Baghdad
Increasing cost of war

Thursday, September 11, 2003

My article in Today's (tomorrow's Friday) As-Safir in the memory of Sabra and Shatila victims
It was suggested to me that the website will be hacked for sure; it was also suggested to me that I can give usernames and passwords to all 150 of you. We shall see: it should be done by the year 2045
This is my interview with As-Safir (the camera added 449990039 pounds to my weight)
House Democrats are up in arms over the suggestion that US should be unbiased in the Middle East: they are (im)morally outraged over the suggestion
Fruits of US foreign policy: a surge in pornography in Iraq (no to mention the rise in rapes and disappearance of some 400 women)
Liar Blair, not to be confused with Liar Powell (Bush is out of it, so he cannot be included), was warned that Iraq was not a danger
An American poll of Iraqis: Iraqis love the US, and they wish that the US had dropped more bombs on them
Sep. 11 Myths
Africa calls for an end to cotton subsidies
Another Sep. 11: this one, Chile is the victim
For those who enjoy their heroin, the UN is helping the cultivation of opium
texts of the new Bin Laden's threats: Fox News, however, assured viewers yesterday that US is closing in on him
When Europe was in the Middle Age, we Arabs had specialized medicine
Wash Post says that Bush frequently cites Sep. 11: I say he frequently exploits Sep. 11
Bush asks to restricts right further in US
Most Americans say (or think) that their rights are not eroded by Sep. 11
Views of Post Sep. 11

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

By the way, for those of you who knew her: Nada An-Nashif was in the UN bldg in Baghdad: she survived with injuries.
The website for the Bin Ladenites and Al-Qa'idah keeps moving: this is their latest: they claim responsibility here for the power blackout in US: they also, in the Arabic section, claim responsibility for the bombing of UN compound in Iraq; they do not however claim responsibility for hurricanes:(thanks George W. Bush)
Excellent study of the Ashcroft assult on constitution.
This you will not read in the US press coverage of bombings in Israel: IDF kills 12-year-old boy
A study of the US media and War

Lousy study: it says: media was fair and balanced: interesting finding: CBS more pro-War than silly Fox.
Read the first issue of Superman comic, No. 1: June 1938
Corruption in the Pentagon
$300 million of the budget request will go to body armor to protect soldiers from sniper fire that is claiming lives in Iraq
Rising cost of US international arrogance: by Sen. R. Byrd
Corporate/Capitalist shock therapy (thanks Rania)
Now we are getting the truth: a secret state department report had warned that Iraqi democracy is dangerous
Americans hold a dim view of the UN (worst view in 50 years): why? It does not support more US wars: (although this Annan is a mere tool of US foreign policy)
US admits their estimates were too low (thanks Neal)
Howard Dean criticized for saying that the US should not "take sides" in Arab-Israeli conflict (Thanks Elie)
Some European statistics (thanks As'ad)
Who was Leo Strauss?
I would not normally send stuff from silly Time or silly Newsweek: this is one about Saudi Arabia, and shows the extent to which the pathetic royal family is trying to please the US and cover up its corruption
Schism over "Right of Return" in peace groups (thanks to Jeffrey)
What Color Are You?

Each passenger will be given a color-coded security rating.
A cool guide to neo-cons (thanks Will)
Eyewitness Report from Iraq in war times (thanks Andrea)
Pentagon asks Latinos to do much of the fighting and dying.
Poor nations ask for fairness
Indian diplomacy and Israel
ACLU responds to Justice Department's falsehoods
Thigs in business suits: bu Robert Fisk, who is coming to Berkeley in a few weeks
Breakdown of Bush's Budget


Monday, September 08, 2003

I am not usually unrealistically optimistic about chances of political change: but this is significant: Bush's number hit another major low in Zogby's new poll
What $80 billion can do for you (the money Bush wants for the on-going Iraq war)
Battle of AnNasiriyyah killed illusions.
What Bush did not report in his speech
Is Cancun the next Seattle?
Prison Spending bloats California's budget.
The Patriot Act on campus
This is from the so-called liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz: it called the bombed home an "ammo store": if you read the article it mentions in passing that it is a home
Controversies of a Lebanese festival
The arrest of the Aljazeera correspondent
US informants are targeted by Saddam's loyalists in Iraq.
Ajami says: so what if there is anti-Americanism: do not worry about it: all is well.
Where is the WTO going?
This is how neo-con Weekly Standard reports: so sophisticated: a trip to Iraq: Sunnis hate America and Shi`ites love America
Army barracks block a website critical of the military
Bush administration allocates $117 million to convince young people to not have sex: It wants to increase the amount to $135 million. Clinton spent millions on the program too.

The Guardian: No Sex Please, You're American