Thursday, May 04, 2017

Apologia for ISIS on Democracy Now: why did they join ISIS? Let him count the one way

I have never seen a more blatant apologia for ISIS than this segment on Democracy Now: "ANAND GOPAL: Well, I’ve spent a good portion of the last few months actually interviewing a number of ISIS fighters and defectors from ISIS. And one of the things I’ve made a point to do is actually ask them, "Why did you join this group?" You know? And to a person, they all say they witnessed some horrific atrocity or massacre conducted by the regime. I’ve never heard anybody give another reason other than that."  So basically, those people would have joined feminist and secular groups if it was not for the atrocities of the regime? So ISIS members in Europe and Africa also would not have joined ISIS if it was not for the atrocities of the Syrian regime?    Does that mean that once the regime is overthrown, all those ISIS fighters will declare their adherence to communism and socialism?  What has happened to Democracy Now alas?  This is worse than bad journalism: this is stupid.