Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rod Nordland: one day he displays his ignorance on Lebanon, the next day on Syria

No crime and no massacre by the UnFree Syrian Army get blamed on the UnFree Syrian Army.  They can get away with any war crime and massacre because they know that the Western media and Western human rights organizations will not blame them, or they will be criticized mildly in one line in 60-page report by the two major Zionist human rights organizations.  No matter what they do, and even if the claims of the Free Syrian Army are so clearly lies, the Western media will manage to peddle those lies.  Did any Western media organization comment on the kidnapping by the gangs of that army of innocent Lebanese pilgrims? Not one to my knowledge.  Look at this line in a report by Rod Nordland--emerging quickly as one of the worst foreign correspondent of the New York Times:  " Syria said Wednesday that rebels stormed a pro-government television station in a Damascus suburb, killing employees and blowing up the station in an audacious predawn assault, but rebels said the attackers were defectors from the elite Republican Guard, considered to be the most loyal core defenders of President Bashar al-Assad."  So the massacre of employees of that channel is portrayed as a "brazen" and "audacious".  If the regime troops raided a station that is opposed to the regime in Turkey or in Lebanon and massacred its employees, I can see the protests by Western governments and media and by the Committee to Protect Journalists.  And of course, the New York Times never miss to report any blatant lie by the Free Syrian Army, including the lie that the regime bombs itself repeatedly.