Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nothing funny about Furguson's Zionism

Ahmet of Tunisia sent me this:  " Asad, this guy,who got memorably destroyed by Pankaj Mishra in that famous LRB review, never really disappoints; here, he simply writes an article that has no purpose, i mean no purpose, other than an urge he felt to suck up to Israel just for being invited to a conference there and for being personally host by Netanayhu ..Just read his vapid introduction to it: "Israel is the land of argument. Each June its president holds a conference in Jerusalem to which people flock from all over the world to argue. Every weekday the prime minister has meetings with his cabinet colleagues at which they argue. There is even a white board in his office on which the latest argument is recorded. He could not get up to greet my wife and me because his leg recently had an argument with a soccer ball.  The old joke still applies: as soon as you bring together two Israelis, you have three arguments. And that is the other thing I love about Israel. It is also the land of jokes. The fact that Benjamin Netanyahu injured his leg in a soccer match with Jewish and Arab youths strikes even him as pretty funny"."  What is amazing about Western Zionism is that even intelligent people like Fruguson sound so dumb when they vomit praise for Israel.