Saturday, November 19, 2011

You want me to support this (non)Revolution? Fat chance

This picture was published in Al-Quds Al-`Arabi from a demonstration in Homs yesterday.  It reads:  Thanks to King `Abdullah bin Husayn [of Jordan]: That is how we have known you, o sons of Hashim". It carries the signature of Revolution Council in the Goverorate of Homs, i.e. it is an official signature of the leadership of the lousy non-Revolution.  You really expect me to support such a movement? It is not a revolution when it expresses support for the lousy potentate of Jordan.  One Syrian told me on Twitter yesterday: but they only did that because he called on Bashshar to resign.  I told him: so why not make banners for Israeli leaders and pay tribute to Sons of Netanyahu as well.  This has become a legitimate and popular uprising that has been stolen by a religious reactionary movement that is beholden to oil interests in the region.  I don't have to wait to see what kind of a lousy government they have in mind.  This is a movement that find Saudi repression to be an exemplary form of government.   It is not that I don't support this Ikhwan led movement: I call for strong opposition against it, just as I call for opposition to the lousy regime.