Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mustafa Abdul-NATO inclusive?

"The day after the fall of Tripoli to the rebels, the leader of a Libyan-Jewish Diaspora group said he was offered by the emerging ruling power to run for office in free elections in that country.   Raphael Luzon, the head of Jews of Libya UK, told The Jerusalem Post on Monday that opposition leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil recently invited him to return to his country of birth and participate in the political discourse.   “A week ago I received an [invitation] from the chief of the rebels,” he said referring to Abdul Jalil, a former justice minister and current chairman of the rebel council in Benghazi.   “They proposed for me to take part in one of the parties because they would like it to be open to all people including women and Jews.”  This will be one of those news item that regularly appear in the Israeli press about Arab countries that later get denied.  Haaretz invented a fictitious Libyan and claimed that he was a Libyan opposition leader and then attributed pro-Israeli statements to him.  The man was never heard of since.  (Google at the time did not turn up any other news item about him in any langauge).   Also, those Bin Ladenites of the NATO transitional council won't allow women to run, and are unlikely to allow non-Muslims.   (thanks Maha)