Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Iraqi secret documents stolen by the US

Read this article in the New York Times.  First, the US government steals official Iraqi documents that belong to the Iraqi people.  I hope that the Iraqi people would sue the US to regain custody of those documents, once Iraq becomes a democracy.  Secondly, the US government is not giving free access to those documents but guess who gained access to them???? An Israeli occupation professor, Amatzia Baram.  So an Iraqi professor from Baghdad University can't get access to the documents but an Israeli occupation professor can.  Should not MESA make a statement about that and call for the return of the documents to Iraq?  Thirdly, Michael Gordon keeps mocking and criticizing Saddam for being conspiracy-minded.  You see, Gordon is shocked that Saddam was under the (false) impression that US and Israel were conspiring against his regime.  I mean, how crazy is that? How ridiculous.  This is as crazy as Iranian government today believing that US and Israel are conspiring against Iran.  Crazy, no?