Thursday, June 30, 2011

Arms for Arab rebels

So Le Figaro revealed that France has been dumping all sorts of weapons on Libyan tribes.  I thought it was funny.  They lecture Lebanese and Palestinians that their struggle (against a most brutal occupation) should adhere strictly to non-violent struggle.  Hizbullah is told to lay down its arm (although Lebanon has no Army although yesterday it received 48 computers from UNIFIL and that should really bolster Lebanese military posture vis-a-vis Israel) and that Lebanon should just welcome Israeli aggression.  Yet, the US supports the violence used not only by Israel but also by Arab regimes against their people, and when the US stumbles on militias (that it often creates) which don't pose a threat to its interests and to Israel's it embraces them and arms, like the Libyan Transitional Council.  So you now support giving arms to Libyan rebels and yet want Lebanon to be unarmed against Israeli aggression?  Who formulate those policies for the US and convince it that they will really be widely and warmly received by Arabs?  How dumb is that?  US dumped most advanced weapons and billions in aid to an international army of Muslim fanatics (who produced Bin Laden and Al-Qa`idah) and yet wants Lebanon to disarm all those who want to defend Lebanon against Israeli aggression?  Go play in the Israeli garden.