Thursday, June 30, 2011

Arab liberals

Just one word.  I know that no one--I mean, no one--take seriously those who refer to themselves as Arab liberals (because they all are propagandists for the various Saudi princes.  Take Marwan Mu`ashshir: this is an Arab liberal?  A guy who worked and advised a despot and his son?  He drafted an article today calling for investigation of Bashshar on charges of wars against humanity.  I don't mind any investigation of Bashshar but would that guy (who bragged in his tedious and boring book that no one read despite English and Arabic promotions by US government that he intervened to delete a reference to the right of return in the Saudi Thomas Friedman "peace plan") dare to call for investigation of Israeli war crimes?  Let me just put this questions: those so-called Arab liberals.  Wla (this is Arabic and hard to translate) say something about woman's right to drive cars in Saudi Arabia?  Say one word? ONE WORD.  Do you dare?  Do you dare support a most basic and axiomatic right such as the right to drive?  You talk about liberties?  Wla you believe in the liberties of Saudi princes only.  Qal Arab liberals qal. What a joke.