Thursday, March 03, 2011

Leftists for Saddam, leftists for Qadhdhafi

I just can't stomach those leftists who stood with Saddam, and who are standing today with Qadhdhafi.  There is nothing leftist about those two reprehensible tyrants.  Those two tyrants are very similar, as I argue in my Al-Akhbar article for this coming Saturday.  They both were unpopular and charismatic and suffering from an acute case of Nasser's syndrome.  They both wanted to be intellectuals and novelists.  Tariq Aziz tells that Saddam was sending him his last novel manuscript a day before the US invaded his country.  There are tyrants with talents and neither of the two were. At least Stalin was really well-tread and wrote very well (he wrote his own books too), while Mao was really smart and wrote good poetry.  You can't even compare the aphorisms of Mao to the drivel of the two lousy tyrants.  Oh, and I never treated the clown, Chavez as a leftist.  I view him more as a clown in the same league with Sa'ib `Urayqat but with different momentary politics.