Thursday, March 03, 2011

Blood and mercy in revolution

The last thing I should care about--and anybody in the Arab world should care about--are the Western standards and criteria and conditions regarding upheavals in the Arab world.  One day they urge restraint and non-violence against their favorite tyrants (Bin Ali and Mubarak), and another day they endorse the armed, violent revolt against a tyrant (Qadhdhafi) who is not as seasoned in loyalty to the US, although since 2003, he has prostrated as far as his forehead can touch the shoes of US officials who visited him.  But my point is this: all those liberal, non-violent standards should be discarded at a time of revolution against bloody tyrants, like Qadhdhafi and all the rest.  Mubarak should be dragged from Sharm Ash-Shaykh and should be subjected to the same speedy, Mahdawi-style, military trials that he imposed on innocent Egyptians.  Let the Western governments shed their tears over that.  Revolutions are bloody and Western standards are at least hypocritical.  The rightist fans of Edmond Burks have convinced generations of Westerners that the French Revolution was a bloody affair when a couple of thousands of French people were killed: hell, the US has killed more than that in one day in its lousy war in Iraq.  They can't preach anything especially that their preachings at this time are intended only to prolong the lives of dictatorships albeit in different names and guises.  There should be no mercy shown to the criminals of the Qadhdhafi family or the Mubarak family.  Their rule has been soaked in blood since day one.  Arab revolutionaries should press ahead with little attention--if any--to what the White Man in Western capitals is saying.  I really think that mercy at this time in Egypt or Tunisia or Libya may be the factor that could undermine the goals of revolution.  Don't give me the bogus Christian notions of "turn-the-other cheek" (when Jesus also said: "I came here with a sword") when Christianity has caused more deaths and destruction than any other world religion.  Enough already.