Friday, February 26, 2010

The dumb Mossad contest: winners

We received many contributions to the contest. Olivia reviewed them throughly and passed on the best one to me. It has been agreed that these are the winners.

1) Winner number one: M K
Entry: "Graduates of the University of Phoenix Israeli Branch School of Intelligence"

2) Winner number two: Marc Abizeid
Press Release
22 February 2010
Mossad spy team taking extra precautions for upcoming mission
To all local and international media:
Hi, I'm the deputy spokesperson for the top secret Mossad hit team (our chief spokesperson wasn't available because he's busy coming up with new aliases for our next mission in Syria the day after tomorrow). We just wanted to assure you that our next mission will be undertaken seamlessly without the messy footprints we left behind in Dubai. Our 11-person team will arrive in Damascus on the first flight from Jordan that morning to ensure we have enough time to prepare. We'll all be seated in business class so we can sleep on the plane. This time around, we will make sure to request that management disable all cameras at the Abdel Abed Hotel where our HA target will be staying that night. Furthermore, we'll all be wearing clown masks when we enter to conceal our identities and to not arouse suspicion (this was my idea). Oh, and some of us also got hair cuts and trimmed our beards since our last mission. Please rest assured that this mission is being planned in absolute secrecy using high-tech spy equipment with no chance whatsoever of fallacy. Don't believe me? Then become a fan of our Facebook page where we will be providing top secret, up-to-minute developments concerning our whereabouts and actions, and see for yourselves!
Mr. Super duper top secret Mossad spy man
(Ha- I bet you thought I was going to give you my name, didn't you! Can't fool us!)"

3) Winner number three: Hilwa Muhammad
Entry: ""It was a close one, we had [been] following Mabhouh the grocer for the last two years.""