Monday, August 21, 2006

Hasan Dib Nasrallah is free. Finally: a picture of Hasan Dib Nasrallah, the Lebanese grocer who was kidnapped by Israeli occupation soldiers in a "daring Israeli commando raid" because, well, his name is Hasan Dib Nasrallah. But now that I have seen his picture, I do understand the mistake that was made by the brilliant Israeli intelligence officers and their Israeli Orientalist advisors. I mean, look at him. If you make him grow a beard, and if you add more hair to him, and make him gain some more weight, and if his hair is darker, and face rounder, and if you make him wear glasses, and if he is taller, and if his eyebrows are higher, he kind of resembles Hasan Nasrallah, the Hizbullah leader. His son, Bilal, said in an interview with the Lebanese media that the Israeli captors were thrilled to capture him. They thought that Bilal is the son of Hasan Nasrallah--the Hizbullah leader. Israeli commandos: their days of glory are behind them. Far, far behind them.