Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lebanese Army heroism, or histrionics

This is classic in the Hummus Army. So the Lebanese Army was performing at LAU in Beirut to mark the fake independence of Lebanon. And as usual in such performances by that army, they did what they always do: they bite into a snake. This is based on an old, pre-19th century proverbial saying that somebody is so strong that he can bite into a snake. So the Lebanese Army still abides by that measure of courage and heroism. I mean, in the past, heroism was exemplified in killing a lion. But you don't see modern armies performing the killing of a lion. Let me tell the Lebanese Army this: you really don't have to bite into snakes or Shish Tawuq anymore. If you want to prove your heroism and courage, just don't flee the scene when Israel attacks Lebanon, and don't leave the defense of Lebanon to young volunteers. (thanks Marc)