Saturday, May 31, 2008

It was ironic for Walid Jumblat, of all people, to attack Muhammad Hasanayn Haykal for owning a farm and for staying in the Dorchester in London. Now it is true that Muhammad Hasanyn Haykal has a difficulty in mention UK or London without mentioning that he stays in the Dorchester (as in: "And then Lord Potato sent a telegram to Nasser--and by the way, I stay at the Dorchester in London)--which is Sa`d Hariri's favorite hotel in London. But Jumblat has reportedly pressured Hariri to buy him that palace in Qantari, and he put a deputy (Ni`mah Tu`mah) on his list only because he put his private jet at his disposal and he funds his "campaigns." This Tu`mah has the knowledge of tomatoes and the charisma of potatoes. So Jumblat is not in a position to attack somebody for his bourgeois lifestyle (Jumblat in private used to attack his own deputies and ministers for their bourgeois lifestyles).