Saturday, May 31, 2008

Decoding New York Times' headlines. You know that one could do a daily service of decoding the headlines of the New York Times. For example, take this one: "Growing Opposition to Iraq Security Pact." This one means "growing opposition to Iraq occupation pact but occupation is good for Iraqis." Or take this one: "Musharraf Denies He Is Stepping Down." This one means: "US denies that Musharraf is stepping down." Or this one: "In Disclosure, North Korea Contradicts U.S. Intelligence on Its Plutonium Program." This one means: "How dare anybody contradict US intelligence." Or this one: "Secretary Gates Visits Guam Military Base." This one means: "We like you Secretary Gates. We really do." Or this one: "Baghdad Jews Have Become a Fearful Few." This one means: "Non-Jews in Iraq are happy, secure, and prosperous and it is anti-Semitic to state otherwise." Or this one: "Iraqi Military Extends Control in Northern City." And it means: "US occupation forces order Iraqi puppet forces to move northwards." Or this one: "Spain’s Top Chefs Clash Over Ingredients and Culinary Innovations." And it means: "US fast food is the best food in the world." And on and on and on but I have to grade now.