Thursday, April 24, 2008

The New York Times continues to relegate the story of the Israeli spy to the New York/New Jersey region section. But here is another touching tribute to the Israeli spy: "He organized hospital visits and prayers for the dead, advised acquaintances on how to buy Israel bonds, served meals on wheels, persuaded the condominium association to let him build a hut in his yard each autumn to welcome scores of people for the Jewish harvest festival Sukkot. In his spare time, he tracked down 500 relatives and posted a family tree to a genealogy Web site." And this: "Among the retirees, his views on Israel were considered normal, several people said: His opinions could be strong, but they did not regard him as an extremist." Does that mean that the views of Pat Robertson are "strong" but not extremist? Also, what is normal, for the New York Times when it comes to Israel? Meir Kahane's views were considered normal by the New York Times.