Thursday, April 24, 2008

Damning evidence of a nuclear reactor in Syria: "The video, which Mr. Hill has shown to senior South Korean officials, shows Korean faces among the workers at the Syrian plant." Whenever you see "Korean faces" it always means the presence of a nuclear reactor. In fact, just last week, I saw a Korean face in my neighborhood. I approached the man and yelled: why are you bringing a nuclear reactor to my neighborhood here in California? He just ran away. Personally, I think this is all the evidence and pretext the US needs to invade Syria. And such an invasion would be a cakewalk, I think. If we put things in the hands of famous Syrian exile leader, Abu `Abduh Chalabi, he will be able to steer Syria toward democracy and freedom. I also think that such an invasion will create an exemplary model for all the region to emulate. To be sure, things may not go well, in the first 4 years of the invasion, but we can always implement a surge, even if we stay for a 100 years in Syria. But that is only me.