Wednesday, August 09, 2006

This just in. Israeli TV just announced that invading Israeli troops found bodies of Iranian fighters among dead Hizbullah's fighters. But you, like me, may wonder how the Israelis knew that the bodies were for Iranians. Well, apparently the dead bodies were speaking Persian. Otherwise, the Israeli troops would not have known that they were Iranians.
PS Israeli army brought Israeli Orientalists. They indeed verified that there were Iranian bodies among Hizbullah fighters. They said that the men had beards, and according to their knowledge of the Middle East, only Iranian men have beards. Oh, and Israeli military sources added that they also found documents identifying them with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Oh, yes. The Iranian government snuck them into South Lebanon, made sure to give them documents signed by Ayatullah Khamanei to identify them beyond a doubt, and also asked them to wear the Iranian flag shirts, just to make sure. Oh, ya. Ahmad Sa`id (Nasser radio propagandist from '67), who is still alive, is laughing. He is laughing hard. This just in: Israeli military sources now are saying that they also found fighters from North Korea and Cuba in South Lebanon. The Israeli government is also claiming that one fighter from the German SS was fighting with Hizbullah.