Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My friend Riad sent this:
"From the bizarre world of Fox news and the IDF propaganda machine:
Fox news was showing footage made available through IDF of so-called captured Hezbollah fighters. The two 'fighters' were captured as they ran away from Israeli forces, carrying NO weapons.
Fox announcer: can you explain to our viewers what we are looking at in this clip.
IDF spokesperson: these are two terrorists that the IDF captured this morning. As you can see, they are dressed like civilians, look like civilians and even act like civilians.
Fox announcer: so, how can the IDF distinguish them from civilians?
IDF spokesperson: It is very difficult, and that is why we sometimes have civilian casualties (sometimes???).
Fox announcer (to another commentator in the studio): well, we can now appreciate the difficulty the IDF face in avoiding civilian casualties, these terrorists look exactly like civilians!!!

We briefly interrupt this report to welcome viewers who just joined us from the real world. Hey look, there goes Olmert looking exactly like a civilian!!!"