Thursday, February 09, 2017

The Amnesty International Report on Syria

I don't want my post yesterday to be used for purposes of denying the war criminality of the Syrian regime.  It is indubitable that the Syrian regime has committed war crimes; that is not in dispute.  My post (on the basis of the response by a former political prisoner of the regime who suffered permanent physical injuries due to torture by regime) was intended to show that the methodology of Amnesty International (and Human Rights Watch) has become flawed in their coverage of the Arab world.  They basically operate from within two extremes: 1) in their coverage of Israel, they are not willing to believe any evidence condemning Israeli war crimes unless the crime itself is witnessed by 50 Westerners otherwise it is not believed; 2) their other extreme is about reports about war crimes by foes of the  US, and in those cases anything can be believed.  I recently read an unpublished memoirs by a late leader of the Lebanese National Movement (whose family does not give me liberty to publish his name) and he speaks about torture in Syrian regime jails and the torture inflicted on women and men and the job of the torturers in jail (he was punished by the regime because he coined the slogan Lion in Lebanon, and Rabbit in Golan, which really caught on and bothers the Syrian regime in the years of the Lebanese civil war (and it was later adopted by dissidents in Syria).  But Amnesty and HRW have become political allies of Western governments and Gulf regimes and have thus compromised their work, in my opinion.  It is certain that the Syrian regime committed war crimes, as have the Syrian rebels.