Monday, February 18, 2013

Hariri school antics

From comrade Hicham:  "FYRI ( For your readers' information): The Hariri clan has been engaging in this despicable process of using students as fodder in its attempt to portray Hariri as a popular and populist man for decades. More than 15 years ago, the Hariri High School administration asked its students to omit several hours of class and line up the northern gateway road to Saida to welcome the now PM Rafic Hariri  on his "historic" trip to his hometown. A few days prior to the event, we were given slips of paper to deliver to our parents. The slip indicated what we were expected to do and had two boxes with "Agree" or "Don't Agree" written beside each. While this meant that back then parents were at least the ultimate decision-makers not the school, most of us realized that the slip was more a way of earmarking who's anti-Hariri and who's not. I don't know what happened to those who disagreed, as I unfortunately was among those who returned to school with the "Agree" box marked on my slip. I don't recall any student staying behind. "