Monday, February 18, 2013

Some in the ill-informed Western media dare present her as a "feminist": count me as an anti-Feminist if she is a feminist. She is to feminism what Obama is to princile, or what Jumblat is to Leftism or what Hariri is to independence

As the publisher of a now-defunct sleazy pornographic magazine for the pleasure of oil princes and sheikhs, she could not help but also put a sleazy picture with her article:  "The above does not mean that I am blindly supportive of women in politics. In my opinion, it is not enough for a candidate to be a woman for that to be a reason for other women to encourage and support her. The fact that she has a vagina is not a sign of a candidate’s qualifications, and I have not yet learned (nor will I ever learn) the secrets of blind allegiance to women’s issues. No, and a thousand nos for such an insulting, superficial kind of solidarity. Women deserve more. Much more...Note that I said 'women', not aspiring starlets. Women that have mouths connected to their brains."