Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Saudi plan for the Islamization of the Tunisian Uprising

The Tunisian Uprising (it is not a Revolution as of yet--it all depends whether it leads to thorough deep social and economic and political changes in Tunisia--and please stop using those cute Western labels like Jasmin Revolution and Batata Revolution, they annoy me a great deal) is going through a crucial phase.  It all depends.  No Revolution succeeds with one strike: the success of Revolution is a function of pushing through AFTER the initial successes.  The old regime is trying--with US/French/Saudi (and Arab state system) to be resurrected.  The old regime bizarrely kept the key four ministries of the Tunisian cabinet.  Leftist and nationalist rebels in Tunisia are aware of those dangers, as they tell me.  They can't succeed until they push ahead for more radical changes.  Yet, there is also a danger to spoil what has been a secular uprising: Qatar AND Saudi Arabia are both pushing and promoting the lousy Tunisian Islamist, Rashid Ghannushi who will be returning to Tunis.  Ghannushi freely admits that he and his lousy Nahdah Party had no role whatsoever in the uprising and yet he is being promoted because the Arab state system is afraid of the consequences of a secular Arab uprising.  The lousy tele-Islamist, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, is a friend of Ghannushi and he also pushes for his promotion--presumably at Aljazeera where Qaradawi unfortunately still wields great influence.