Saturday, April 07, 2018

American Zionist organizations and support for Islamophobia

I can't believe that this is becoming so mainstream.  US Zionist organizations are now officially endorsing, funding, sponsoring and supporting Islamophobic organizations.  Do those people think that Arabs/Muslims are idiots and won't read those reports and won't know? What kind of poison is this in terms of Muslim-Jewish relations? This will have devastating on consequences on the future of  of Jewish-Arab and Jewish-Muslim relations in the world.  Imagine the (justifiable) uproar if a mainstream Arab or Muslim organization is found funding an anti-Semitic organization.  I bet you that I and every Arab I know would be denouncing such an act by any Arab or Muslim organizations. Yet, why this silence? Where is the uproar?  Where is the outrage?  This from an Israeli newspaper:
"U.S. Jewish leader Ronald Lauder gave $1.1 million to covert group pushing anti-Muslim campaign".