Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Shai Feldman and his lies about his trip to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

What Shai Feldman does is typical of all US Zionists: they conflate the dynastic rulers of the Gulf with the Arab people, so that you don't really know when they generalize about Arab public opinion that they are really talking about the potentates and their entourages.  Here he says that Israel is no more an anathema in the Arab world and mentions his visits to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. He was indeed in Saudi Arabia where he spoke (in a closed session without press announcements) at a conference at King Faisal Center.  He later was supposed to speak (privately) at the American University of Kuwait, but when news of his appearance leaked there was such an intense protest that the entire event was actually cancelled, and his exist was rushed for fear of growing protests.  Here is the announcement of BDS-Kuwait about what happened.