Thursday, March 29, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn's grotesque prostration to Zionists

This is an astounding and humiliating interview.  I understand that Corbyn wanted to deny that he is anti-Semitic (and there is nothing wrong for someone to deny accusations of repugnant anti-Semitism if there are grounds).  But in order to prove that he is not anti-Semitic he does what classical Western Christian anti-Semites do: they basically conceal their anti-Semitism by going overboard in providing support for Israeli occupation and war crimes. He does the same in this lousy interview.  Now he simply wants a two-state solution: his views here are no different from those of Blair, Bush, and even Netanyahu. He even expressed willingness to meet with Netanyahu.  He allowed the interviewer to lie and fabricate and to claim that Hamas and Hizbullah have expressed an urge to kill all Jews.  In fact, both movements have come out publicly in recent years against anti-Semitism (Hizbullah more than Hamas, I have to say), and yet Corbyn allowed this Zionist to define the matters of debate and to put him on the defensive.  I made wonder: is he really not anti-Semitic? Because if you are not, you should never be forced to switch your views like this.  I have always told Arabs: never ever trust Western leaders--no matter how left they are: just look at Tsipras in Greece and his embrace of Netanyahu despite years of strong stance in favor of Palestine by his group. Western leaders--on the left and the right--will give up on Palestine for the right price. All of them. What price did you pay, o Jeremy Corbyn?