Friday, January 19, 2018

Israeli Mossad terrorism in Lebanon: the failed assassination attempt in Sidon: and US "revelations" about Lebanese intelligence spying WORLWIDE

Is this report about Lebanese intelligence spying worldwide not comical? Is this report really motivated by US/Israeli displeasure with Lebanese intelligence accomplishments in uncovering Israeli terrorist networks in Lebanon? And does the US with its global spying (human and electronic) in a position to present Lebanese intelligence as a threat to the privacy of citizens worldwide? Don't get me wrong. There is no accountability for the work of Lebanese intelligence networks and each is loyal to a different leader or even country (Saudi Arabia in the case of Fir` Al-Ma`lumat), but there isnot much accountability for US spy agencies either.   In other news, Lebanese intelligence apparatus (the one which is closest to Saudi regime and US) uncovered the Israeli terrorist network behind the planting of a bomb in Sidon targeting a teacher.  Do you notice that none of the Western media covered this assassination attempt because the culprits were Israeli? Will this lead to an international tribunal or are Israeli assassinations and bombing exempt from international scrutiny?