Wednesday, November 01, 2017

FLASH: leaked video from his friend. The Syrian opposition director who faked his own assassination attempt and said regime was behind it

I have posted on this story early on.  Typically, Western correspondents in Beirut and elsewhere were posting on social media and wrote about the Syrian opposition director, Muhammad Bayazid, and how he survived an assassination attempt on his life in Istanbul by Syrian regime goons because he was about to release an anti-regime movie.  Executive-Director of CAIR, personally escorted him out of Turkey and posted on social media about his best wishes for the victim of a heinous assassination attempt. It was the Turkish police which first expressed doubts about the story, but the story crumbled when his own friend and "witness" confessed.  Today, his friend leaked the video in which the director plotted his own assassination which left him with a very superficial wound near his shoulder. He tells his friend in the video that they will be the "most famous people in the Middle East for the next 48 hours.