Saturday, October 21, 2017

This is by far the most Islamophobic disgusting thing the New York Times ever published: if a Muslim is accused of rape, what does this have to do with Islam?

Look at this disgusting headline: "Could this be the Harvey Weinstein of Islam?" What does this have to do about Islam.  Now we know that if an individual Muslim commits a terrorist act, his act is blamed on Islam, the religion. But now it got to the point that if an individual Muslim commits a crime of any kind, it will also be blamed on Islam, the religion?  David Duke and other Nazi anti-Semites used the Harvey Weinstein scandal to spew their anti-Semitic trash. But the New York Times is doing the same.  if someone were to relate the Harvey Weinstein scandal to Judaism it would be seen--and rightly so--as anti-Semitism and the Times would be outraged. But the Times with its long history of bigotry and racism against Arabs and Muslims, found no problem in publishing this headline?  I don't know the person in question and the crime of rape should be investigated but why relate it to 1) Harvey Weinstein? and 2) to Islam?  This is a new low for the Times.  So if an individual Muslim were to steal, the New York Times will publish a headline about "Theft in Islam"?