Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The case of Ouroba Barakat: not a single Western newspaper corrected its early stories that they were assassinated by Syrian regime

""I am the one who killed Orouba and Hala Barakat, I admit it. They are both my relatives. Orouba is my father's cousin," Ahmed Baraka told Turkey’s magistrate's court.
"When I was in Syria, my father and my older brother were killed in the war. I decided to escape in order to get rid of the pressure that was exerted on me to join the forces of the Syrian regime," he explained.
"Orouba told me that I could come see her if I'm ever in Turkey. So I came to Turkey illegally and started working with Orouba."
But Ahmed Barakat, who says he regrets the killings, said he was invited to Orouba's house that night to receive his salary after quitting. 
"I went to see her that night (the night of the crime) in her house. In the morning, I asked for my money. She said she gave the money to someone else and she had no money left. I got angry and started yelling at her face. She slapped me so I pushed her," he told the court."  Every singe Western media sources insisted hours after the murder that they were politically assassinated by the regime, although they were killed with knives and strangling.  This story is symptomatic of the unreliability of Western media reporting (from the right to the left) about Syria and its conflict.