Thursday, October 26, 2017

Gen. McMaster on the history of the Middle East

What is interesting about this interview is that he speaks of "the interests of the Iraqi people" or the "interests of the Lebanese people" or "the interests of the Syrian people".  It is up to an American general to tell those natives what is in their interest.  2) he needs to read about the history of the Lebanese civil war. He says: "So, we're commemorating yesterday the 34th anniversary of the mass murder attacks that killed U.S. marines and also killed French paratroopers and it killed soldiers who were there to bring peace, to end a very destructive civil war. But Hezbollah wanted to, as they always try to do, is to perpetuate conflict to allow them to portray themselves as patrons and protectors of an aggrieved community, the Shia community in Lebanon. So that consigned that bombing, that mass murder, consigned the Lebanese people to seven more years of deadly civil war."  Well, 1) the US and French troops were not on a peace mission: they were on a war mission, they war propping up the war criminal regime of Amin Gemayel in a bloody civil war situation.  2) Hizbullah was very marginal (in fact, not involved) in the civil war which went on in the 1980s.