Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Arab opinions poll conducted by the Washington Institute are worth a nickel

What is most important is that their poll findings for some mysterious reasons don't match the more reliable and comprehensive polls, like Zogby or even the Arab Opinion Index (which is the most comprehensive and reliable poll conducted in the Arab world by Doha Center).  This is what WINEP pollsters (often by local pollsters affiliated with Gulf regimes) do: they go to a place like Saudi Arabia and ask them: Don't you think that Iran is really harming Arab interests? Or: don't you think that the Saudi government is right in being alarmed over Iran? Or they go to Jordan and ask: don't you think that the government is right in cooperating with Israel over fighting terrorism?  I trust WINEP on Arab public opinion as much as I believe that the Shura Council in Saudi Arabia is a lively and representative legislative body.