Sunday, August 13, 2017

You know who annoys me the most in the US culture? 60s leftists (Todd Gitlin) who became reactionaries but still speak for 60s radicals

It really repulses me that Todd Gitlin is still chosen by US media to speak on behalf of the left (because they know that he can use "the credibility of his past" to bestow legitimacy on the right today.  This is like when the Washington Post picks Kathy Young to bash feminism--in the name of some weird bizarre notions of feminism.  Look what Gitlin said: "some charges were valid, even if it was people like D’Souza who made them."  Worse, look at at his sociological evidence for his claim that the left is a threat to freedom of speech on college campuses: " I saw an anti-Murray demonstrator at Columbia later that month holding a sign saying “NO FREE SPEECH.” "  Of course, he says not a word about the biggest threat to freedom of speech on US college campuses: the Zionist threat.  If Todd Gitlin is Left, please count me as a non-leftist.