Tuesday, July 04, 2017

The crazy article by Sulome Anderson in Newsweek on Hizbullah

Doesn't Newsweek remind you of supermarket tabloids these days (and for years now)?  Look at this: "what? "several times in the past few months, the United States struck Hezbollah targets in Syria, prompting Hassan Nasrallah, the group’s leader, to warn of retaliatory strikes if America continues to infringe upon the territory it holds in the country."  This is made up.  No such threat was issued by Nasrallah. She just made it up.  Don't you like the tabloid journalism where there are no editors and no fact checkers?  But scandalously: Sulome can't even add or subtract: ""A boy who was 18 years old and went to fight in Syria—now, he is 25.""  Hizbullah began its intervention in Syria in 2013, it she saying that this fighter grew faster by a few year? Because if he was 18, he should be only 22 now.  But who is counting really.