Monday, July 10, 2017

Newsweek issues a correction about Sulome Anderson's piece on Hizbullah: Learn journalism from a US magazine

I think the correction requires another correction: "Correction: A previous version of this story mistakenly stated that Hassan Nasrallah threatened retaliatory strikes against America in a speech. It was Hezbollah media that made such a threat. A previous version of this story also offered an incorrect casualty range for Hezbollah during the 2006 war. The group provided no official estimate of its casualties. But Lebanon’s Higher Relief Council estimated that 68 Hezbollah fighters died during the conflict. Israel claimed it killed 500-600. A previous version of this story originally quoted a Hezbollah commander about the group’s Borkan-1 missiles. He was likely referring to the Burkan Dwarf Missile. A previous version of this story referred to a member of Hezbollah as a lieutenant; the group does not have that rank and the term was meant as an approximation. Lastly, a previous version of this story quoted a Hezbollah fighter mistakenly saying that someone who went to war for the group in Syria when he was 18-years-old would now be 25; he would now be 22 or 23. " As you remember, I immediately mentioned here that Nasrallah never made such threats. But look at the correction: it cites Annahar Net which cites "Hizbullah media".  Hizbullah media? Is this like a news entity or a media conglomerate?   This reminds me of Lebanese pro-Saudi media which when they see something they don't like on Facebook, they refer to anyone with a possible Shi`ite name (like Abbas) as "Hizbullah media".