Thursday, June 01, 2017

The banning of Wonder Woman movie in Lebanon: kudos for Lebanon

1) Boycott is very Western.  Jewish groups in the 1930 (rightly) pioneered boycott against Germany.
2) The Wonder Woman movie was banned in Lebanon because the actress was an Israeli soldiers who made statements cheering the Israeli slaughter of civilians in Gaza.
3) Calm down. We are talking about Wonder Woman movie whose artistic values is far lower than Legally Blonde 1 and 2.
4) We are not talking about Meryl Streep here.  We are talking about an actress who acting skills and screen charisma are far lower than those of Tony Danza.
5) If a Hizbullah or Hamas fighter starred in a movie, would the movie be banned in the US?
6) Give me a break. Zionist hoodlums are pressuring universities to not grant tenure to professors because they were bothered by their tweets, and you are now feigning concern over freedom of expression? Zionist hoodlums are pressuring legislative bodies in every single Western capital to restrict and limit freedom of speech to protect Israeli aggression and occupation, and Zionist hoodlums want to lecture and hector about freedom of expression?  Zionist hoodlums have succeeded in pressuring governments to make a financial contribution to a hospital run by Hamas a terrorist act, and they want to lecture about freedom of expression?  Zionist hoodlums have violated every principle of freedom of speech and assembly in their history and they want to teach us about freedom of expresison?
7) The occupation state of Israel have jailed people for writing poems and making speeches and singing songs, and Zionist hoodlums want to lecture us about 1st amendment? All the top Palestinian poets in 1948 Palestine have been jailed at least 10 times for their poetry, and yet cheerleaders of the occupation state are qualified to speak about freedom of speech?
8) the law in Lebanon is for the boycott of things Israeli and there is still a state of war in which Israel is legally an enemy state. Would the US want to allow ISIS or Al-Qa`idah terrorists to star in movies? Would the US allow the movies to show in the US, when a man in New Jersey was prosecuted by the US government because his cable company carried Al-Manar TV?
Really, go play in the garden--as a Lebanese friend used to say.