Saturday, April 15, 2017

When Syrian victims are not mourned in the West

It has become predictable.  Syrian civilian victims are not even mentioned when they are killed at the hands of Syrian rebels.  When Syrian rebels celebrate the killing of civilians Western media refuse to even blame Syrian rebels and create a situation to pretend the circumstances of their death are "murky".   I knew when I saw the news that Western media would not be making a case and that Zionist journalists and pundits in DC (and the Arabs in the employ of Gulf regimes) won't even notice the civilian victims.  In Syria, one side mourns some civilians and another side mourns other civilians.  Both sides commit war crimes and both sides lie and for that I refuse the notion that one side (the Syrian rebels according to Western and Gulf regime media) possess moral superiority.  The Syrian rebel propaganda scam is nothing like I have seen since the Western media promotion of the terrorist Afghan Mujhadin when Dan Rather snuck in Afghan garb and promoted the terrorist mujahadin.  What happened in the so-called exchange of population (presented by Gulf regime funded DC think tanks as "demographic changes") is very clear: when Syrian rebels were cornered in one spot they offered to release the civilian hostages in Fu`a and Kafrayyah in exchange for their own release. They wanted to push for the flight.  The civilian people in Fu`a and Kafrayyah have been besieged, shelled, starved and humiliated purely for their sectarian affliction and their plight never made it in the Western media. I don't think that their story will make it into the account of the war which will be told by a Syrian toddler who was just commissioned to write an academic study of the war by Simon and Schuster.  I only wish that haters of Arabs in the West (i.e. Zionist reporters, columnists, and pundits) would not pretend that they care for the Syrian people when their propaganda interests dictate that pretension.

PS Why not mourn civilians in Syria regardless if they are killed by the regime or by the rebels or by their allies?