Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Syrian Network for Human Rights: on the documentation methods of Western human rights organizations and media

All Western human rights organizations and media now rely on the Western/GCC-created and supported Syrian Network for Human Rights. Have you read their reports?  Do you realize how non-credible they are? They claim that they have "documented" (but they don't tell us how) 89 cases of chemical attacks by regime ONLY between March and August of 2015.  89 cases and no one knows about those cases except them.  And you know that Amnesty International and HRW work closely with this group?  They also claim that chemical attacks by the regime after passage of resolution 2118 killed 87 civilians and only 45 Syrian rebels.  In their tallies, the Syrian regime always manage to kill more civilians than rebels for some reason, and the number of Syrian rebels is always rather small in their tallies.  When will someone produce a study on Fabrications and Propaganda: Western media and human rights organizations in coverage of the Syrian war.  The tragedy is that here you have a brutal regime which certainly committed war crimes--just as the Syrian rebels have--and yet the fabrications by his enemies help him in fact because he can point out to their record of lies and fabrications.  The same thing happened with Saddam Husayn: no one disputed that Saddam Husayn was a brutal dictator and yet the US government managed to vomit so many lies and fabrications about his regime (remember those satellite picture which the lousy Madeleine Albright used to brandish at the UN, and in which it claimed that Saddam was constructing 78 new castles for himself during the war? Or do you remember US media and Western human rights organizations when they lied about how many people died in Libya by Qadhdhafi's gunfire only to justify the NATO intervention)?  The old Babylonian Talmudic saying applies to Western media and human rights organizations: you are not believed even when you tell the truth.