Sunday, February 26, 2017

Samantha Power on Churkin

She says: "At the same time, Vitaly was a masterful storyteller with an epic sense of humor".  So basically, he was everything that you are not.
She says: "The Russian government has murdered its political opponents, seized territory that belongs to its sovereign neighbors, killed countless civilians in Syria and meddled in democratic elections, including in the United States." US did all that, but only on a much larger scale.
She says: "I challenged him to answer for the carnage, asking during the joint Syrian-Russian-Iranian assault on Aleppo, “Are you truly incapable of shame?”. Yes, here he think that she is being eloquent and witty.  If this is your best memorable line, no wonder you are viewed as boring and vapid.
She says: "I got the sense that he valued Mr. Putin’s restoration of Russia’s relevance on the global stage, but would have preferred peaceful methods. "  Yes, because the US pursues its interests around the world through peaceful means.  Why can't Russia learns from US?