Thursday, February 23, 2017

How Muslims can be accepted in the West

They have to take trash of their non-Muslim neighbors; they have to one son die in a Western war against a Muslim-majority country; they have to condemns all those Muslim majority countries which are not aligned with the US; they have to support Western policies in the Middle East and beyond; they have to act passive and obedient with the White Man; they have to prove that they are not anti-Semitic; they have to state that they consider Israeli occupation of Palestine to be justified and that they would accept whatever solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict envisioned by George W. Bush and his neo-conservatie clique; they have to condemn any act of terrorism and violence by any Muslim anywhere in the world; they have to not speak Arabic or Urdu or Persian in the presence of Westerners; they have to avoid eating their native food around Westerners; they have to stick to their own race and ethnic groups when dating or marrying; they have to spy on Muslims they know to make sure that they don't pose a danger to others. And if they do all that, they will be accepted as conditional citizens with full second-class citizenship.