Tuesday, February 07, 2017

George Soros and American anti-Semites

I have never been a fan of George Soros.  In fact, I don't think that his political project is different from the classical imperialist project of empire.  But I do believe that some right-wing obsession with Soros (like by Bill O'Reilly) reveals an anti-Semitic implies.  Anti-Semites often make individual Jewish financier or business people the object of their resentment and opposition.  I mean, there are many wealthy billionaires in the US who are voting millions to political projects, but I see disproportionate attention devoted by some right-wingers to Soros in particular.  This is in line with Pat Robertson's book The New World Order, which carried more than a tinge of anti-Semitism.  Sometimes I find it striking that Zionists in the US don't see how the same people who are willing ti whip up hatred and fear against Muslims are also capable of whipping up fear and hatred against Jewish people.