Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sulome Anderson using the journalistic techniques of Nicholas Blanford: a Hizbullah fighter tells her: Yes, we are disgusting

From Joe: "the entire article is stupid, but it has some particularly stupid hizbullah attributed quotes.

"In his hideout, Ali, the Hezbollah fighter, snorts when asked about his feelings on Assad’s government. “We and the Syrian regime often shoot at each other,” he says, laughing. “We don’t give a damn about the Syrians. We have no intention of giving up most of the territories we control in Syria. We are not in Syria because we’re in love with a person named Bashar al-Assad for his good looks. If you come to us and tell us tomorrow that the Syrian regime is coming back to [invade] Lebanon, we would fight them. We would kill them all. Fuck those sons of bitches. We’re only there for our own benefit. We’re defending our interests.” "
“Our Christmas day is when the Israelis come for a ground invasion,” the commander in Dahiyeh boasts. “Israel is just a big fuss for nothing. It is weaker than a spiderweb.”  Can you imagine that this passes as US media coverage of the Middle East?