Thursday, January 26, 2017

Nawas Sharif and Qatari regime: Panama papers

From Nabeel: "As you may know, Pakistan Supreme Court is hearing a case for PM Nawaz Sharif's disqualification in light of Panama Leaks. 
So far Sharif family has failed to explain billions of worth assets in London that they acquired since Nawaz Sharif became a politician in 1980s. Until yesterday the only defence they had submitted was a letter by Qatar's prince, Al Thani, that claimed the expensive Mayfair properties in Central London were paid for by him as part of deal between Al Thani's and Nawaz Sharif's late father, who died in 2004. 
Realizing that the first letter had become a national joke, Sharifs have now produced another letter:
 The letter claims that Al Thani family and Sharif family made a business deal worth 12 million Dirhams in 1980s, paid in cash !!!
It is worth remembering that Qatari royals have been in Pakistan, as Sharifs' private guests, hunting for endangered Houbara Bustards. Also, since coming to power, Nawaz Sharif, as PM, has signed multibillion LNG & other mega deals with Al Thani family. Now the prince is returning the favour. Last, his own name is in Panama Papers. "