Saturday, January 21, 2017

Israel begins ethnically cleansing Bedouin community to build "exclusively Jewish town"

"Some twenty percent of Israel's citizens are Palestinians, and none of them enjoy a modicum of legal or political equality. Institutional discrimination is particularly acute in the Negev Desert, inhabited by 80,000 Bedouin citizens of Israel whose communities and homes have been declared "illegal" by the self-proclaimed Jewish state. They are considered a demographic threat, and even an occupying entity. Thus plans have been put into place to "concentrate" the Bedouin in special development towns after their communities are demolished and replaced with exclusively Jewish ones." "Jared Kushner, a powerful multimillionaire real estate tycoon and Trump's son-in-law, will oversee Israel-Palestine issues for the administration. Kushner co-directs a family foundation that has donated large sums of money to organizations that support illegal Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories, which have been occupied in contravention of international law since 1967. Trump has reportedly also given money to an illegal Israeli settlement."