Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Two pictures summarize US foreign policy in the Middle East

One picture (top) shows the fancy Cessna plane (we use for spraying pesticides on crops in California) which the US embassy--with great fanfare (the etymology of the last word is Arabic, according to M.W. Watt but he never convinced me)--paraded before the press in Lebanon with all the top brass of the Lebanese Army in attendance.  Worse, the US embassy in Beirut, which treats Arabs as if they are idiots, said that the Cessna was a gift to the "Lebanese Air Force"--as if US/Israel allow Lebanon to have an "air force".  We have US documents from the 1970s showing the US consistently blocked any advanced weapons to the Lebanese Army because of Israeli "concerns".  The other picture shows the F-35 in the Israeli occupation entity. (thanks Ted Bey for the second picture).