Monday, December 12, 2016

This person featured as a reliable source in the New York Times calls on Syrian rebels to use chemical weapons against Shi`its villages in Syria

This person was cited by the New York Times as a reliable source on Syria, calls for the use of chemical weapons on Shi`ite villages in Syria.  It goes (verbatim):  "Don't let the villages and towns of the regime of shame and humiliation in Kafrayya and Fu`ah to remain on the map of Syria. Don't you own a little of chemical weapons to use against them?"  He deleted the tweet but many readers took screenshots of the tweet.  He also is a columnist for the Saudi regime Al-Watan newspaper.  He is often featured in Saudi regime media, like this clip on Al-Arabiyya TV.  He regularly writes crude sectarian tweets and I wonder how many Western correspondents relied on him for "news" on Syria. By the way, he is Lebanese and not Syrian.